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Woman Spends £40 A Month On Bottled Water Because 'Spoilt' Dog 'Refuses' To Drink Tap Water

Woman Spends £40 A Month On Bottled Water Because 'Spoilt' Dog 'Refuses' To Drink Tap Water

She says her diva dog will accept nothing less than the best

A woman is forking out a small fortune on bottled water for her 'spoilt' dog, who apparently refuses to drink the stuff from the tap. Watch here:

Lizzi Pallister, from Exeter, Devon, welcomed five-month-old French bulldog Henry into her home earlier this year, and she immediately realised he was a 'diva'.

As well as refusing to climb the stairs or sleep alone, administrator Lizzi said he has even started turning down tap water after seeing her two-year-old daughter swig from a bottle.

The spoilt little brat won't even accept tap water from the bottle.

Lizzi said this fussiness is setting her back about £40 a week.

He's a very particular pooch.
Kennedy News and Media

The 29-year-old said: "I've never met a dog like Henry before. He has to be the centre of attention, he's 100 percent a diva.

"Each morning when I put the tap water down on the floor, he nudges it then sits looking at me like 'Nice try - where's my bottled water?'

"I go through two packs of 12 bottles of water each week, it costs about £10 a week. I have to do shopping for the family and buy him bottles of water."

She continued: "I've tried putting tap water in bottles and he knows. He wants me to open the bottle in front of him, as if he's saying 'I'm not a fool.'

"He'll wait until I put the bottled water in and then drink it. So not only does he have his own food, he has to have his own water too.

"He's definitely high maintenance. It's as if he's saying 'You've chosen me, now look after me the way you should.'"

He's a diva alright.
Kennedy News and Media

Poor Lizzi. She wanted a sweet little pup and she ended up with a sasscat.

However, Lizzi reckons she's probably only got herself to blame, because she thinks Henry became such a diva after cottoning on to how much Lizzi spoils her daughter.

Lizzi said: "He won't walk. I had to start carrying him up the stairs and he would wait for me to take him back down.

"Sitting on the sofa, he has to be sat with us. I was like, 'This dog's needy.'

"My daughter started putting him in her Little Tikes car and he sits in there while she leaves him in there. She has juice bottles and he thinks he's a miniature version of her, he's that demanding.

"I took him off my lap the other day because I had to do something and he turned his back to me for about an hour.

"I got him a dog bed and he refused to sleep on the dog bed, he'll go to bed when I go.

"Because he sees my daughter getting so spoilt, he wants to be spoiled too."

Well, fair's fair I suppose.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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