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Woman comes across town in Argentina where everyone speaks Welsh

Woman comes across town in Argentina where everyone speaks Welsh

One woman discovered an unlikely community whilst abroad

The whole point of travelling the world is to get to experience something a little different to what you're usually used to - whether that's food, scenery or even a language.

But, for one couple, this was far from the case after they stumbled into a town in Argentina where everyone spoke a language a lot closer to home.

Emmy and Simon, who go by the handle That Weird Couple, document their various experiences travelling around the world.

The pair wound up in Argentina, upon which they discovered a bizarre link to the Latin-American giant and a small country in the United Kingdom.

Who would have thought there would ever be such a crossover between the land of Lionel Messi and the land of sheep?

Sharing the discovery to her 134k followers on TikTok, Emmy explained: "We're in a town, in Argentina, that speaks Welsh."

The town in question is none other than the Welsh-Argentine community of Gaiman in Patagonia and its got a rich history attached to it.

The woman shared the discovery via TikTok.

The story of the Y Wladfa colony started way back in 1865, when over one hundred people travelled 8,000 miles to set up a remote Welsh settlement.

This came after Welsh speakers in Wales were routinely persecuted and the language was being actively discouraged in the 19th Century, especially in schools with the ‘Welsh Not’ being hung about the necks of Welsh speaking students as a punishment for using the language.

The people boarded a tea-clipper boat, the Mimosa, on 28 May 1865 from Liverpool set to sail straight to the South-American country.

Emmy explains: "So they came and settled here hundreds of years ago and 153 people came on a ship that took two months to come from Liverpool and they were all Welsh."

Commenting on the lasting legacy of the big move across the Atlantic ocean, Emmy noted: "And now there's just dragons everywhere."

"Now there's just dragons everywhere."

The travel vlogger shared with viewers the distinctive red Welsh dragon and Welsh language plastered across street art, advertising boards and street signs.

"Even the houses are Welsh-built - the construction type is different."

She added: "They're all so proud of the culture."

Welsh street signs can be seen in the area.

"They still speak Welsh and they bring Welsh teachers over and it's taught in schools and they just want to preserve the language," the TikTok creator added.

The town, Gaiman, is home to the Museo Histórico Regional - a museum dedicated to celebrating Welsh history.

Alongside museums, other tourist attractions include a whole array of traditional Welsh tea rooms - one of which Emmy tried out for herself.

Calling the spread 'phenomenal', Emmy finished the video telling her followers: "Isn't this cool?"

Gaiman is filled with Welsh tea rooms.

The TikTok has since gained more than 456k views, over 55.7 likes and hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the video.

One TikTok user posted: "Wow I didn’t know that, super interesting as a Welshy."

"How seriously fascinating," wrote a second, "I never knew this."

A third added: "I think that’s hella cool. Gotta visit."

Featured Image Credit: @thatweirdcouplee/TikTok

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