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Woman divides opinions after admitting she tracked first date's location

Woman divides opinions after admitting she tracked first date's location

One woman's dating experience got a lot of people talking online

Dating in the digital age is a tricky business.

Whether it's worrying about being catfished or ghosted, it's not easy for the singletons out there.

And the cruel thing is that we're still figuring out what the rules of dating are in this modern age.

One woman found this out the hard way when she admitted to tracking the location of her date.

The anonymous singleton took to Mumsnet to seek some advice.

A woman was using the dating app to keep track of her date.

Revealing that she'd just been on a date over the weekend that went well, she wrote: "I have a question as I've been out the dating game for a while and before now never been on the apps.

"As I was driving to the date I looked at his app location to double check he was getting closer and I wasn't being stood up and I was amazed how accurate it was.

"We ended the date at 11:30pm and he said he was going home."

However, she soon began to see differences in the app's maps and what she was being told.

The first date went well but things soured shortly after.

She continued: "When I got home I messaged to thank him and say I arrived home, I check his location to see if he was home yet and it showed he was still in the same town we met in.

"I refreshed the app and it kept saying it. He then messaged to say he was home but it clearly kept saying he wasn't.

"Tonight he said he had his 7 year old daughter and told me she's being a pain going to bed so won't be able to text me tonight- I checked the location and he's not in his home town and hasn't replied to my text so I think he's busy being out."

When she asked the other forum users if his behaviour was a 'red flag', she got a bit of a rude awakening.

"You need to think about this if the situation was reversed and he was checking where you were and confronting you? In all honesty, you've been on one date and you're checking up on him and jumping to conclusions. He doesn't know you very well and may not want to give you his full whereabouts or schedule for lots of reasons. If you confront him now to say you've been checking his location, if I was him, I'd run a mile," wrote one commenter.

Another weighed in: "I'm really sorry but I think you may be the red flag here. Why are you checking the location of someone you've been on one date with? He doesn't owe you anything at this point and you have no rights to be questioning him. If he was doing this to you everyone would be telling you to run for the hills."

However, there were some who voiced support: "I think you had every right to check him out and now you know keep the f**k away from it [because] your the one who'll end up hurting not him."

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