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Woman has visited 12 countries for less than £250

Woman has visited 12 countries for less than £250

She's bagged return flights for under £20

A savvy traveller has been able to visit a whopping 12 countries for less than £250.

Rebecca Kellett, known as Bex, is currently trying to ‘complete Europe’ and regularly jets off on holiday - but insists on sticking to a strict budget.

Bex, from Yorkshire, told LADbible: “The way I do it, I try to do it as if I was staying in the UK for the weekend and what I’d spend here on a normal weekend if I was going out for a meal or to the cinema or whatever.”

She’s also partial to an ‘extreme day trip’ - the term used for flying out to a different country and back in the same day - and has taken single day trips to Dublin and Bratislava in recent months.

Bex has always been a big fan of travelling and after doing a big trip to Sri Lanka post pandemic decided she wanted to see more of the world.

Rebecca Kellett, known as Bex, flies all over the world for super cheap.

She told LADbible: “When I got back I thought, ‘I just want to see more’, so that’s what I started doing.

"Just looking at flights; I just booked them based on price. I didn’t even look into anything else. All I did was check the price of the flights, check that I could actually get somewhere worth seeing in the time available - sometimes it was one night, sometimes it was two, sometimes it was just the day - and then I would just book the flight and go.”

Bex, who runs her own business, shares her budget holiday plans on her Instagram account, where she also gives tips on bagging cheap trips.

Flying from either Liverpool or Manchester, since January 2022, Bex has racked up more than her fair share of cheap trips including visiting 12 European countries on return flights that cost just £249 for the lot.

Rebecca Kellett, known as Bex, flies all over the world for super cheap.

Kicking off with a trip to Milan for just £11 return in January 2022, Bex also visited:

  • Lisbon in Portugal for £15 in February 2022
  • Dublin for £15 in March 2022
  • Zagreb in Croatia for £20 in March 2022
  • Ibiza for £20 in April 2022
  • Marrakech, Morocco for £28 in June 2022
  • Sibiu in Romania for £20 in October 2022
  • Bratislava in Slovakia for £30 in December 2022
  • Norway for £20 in February
  • Lithuania for £39 in April 2023
  • Belfast for £24 in August 2023
  • Malmo in Sweden for £20 in March 2023

Impressive, eh? And that’s not even all of the trips she’s been on.

Opening up about her key tricks to snagging yourself a holiday on the cheap, she told LADbible: “All you have to do is go on to Sky Scanner and put in your local airport and then when it asks for a destination just put ‘everywhere’ and then don’t search by the date - just put in the month or ‘anytime’. Then you'll just get a list of dates and prices and you can see which works best for you and your budget.

Bex regularly shares tips on how others can travel on a tight budget.

“Flexibility is key. These types of breaks are ideal for people who work shifts and have those mid-week days off, but you can get cheap weekend trips - I got return flights to Bergamo in Italy flying out on Friday and returning Sunday for £24. They are a little bit more rare and you really have to do some research but I am sharing any cheap flights I do find on my [Instagram] Stories. I just lie in bed, looking for cheap flights and sharing them all!”

You can keep up with Bex’s travel on her Instagram here and TikTok here.

Featured Image Credit: Rebecca Kellett

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