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The world's most exclusive nightclub is the Berghain in Berlin, and it's so exclusive because the place has a very selective door policy which their door staff follow.

Some people can queue for hours and still not be allowed in, leading plenty to wonder exactly why they were getting turned away and what the key to being given the nod from the bouncers was.

If you're really set on getting in, then it might be an idea to put the hours in for training before spending hours in a queue as there's a website that you can use to practice getting into the exclusive nightclub's doors.

The site, Berghaintrainer, uses your computer's camera and microphone to judge how you're feeling as you approach the nightclub and have to pass three questions from Sven the doorman.

The questions can be different each time but the site is supposed to watch your face and keep track of your mood as Sven puts three questions to you.

Welcome to the haus of fun, make sure you pass the vibe check.
Michael Mayer

I gave it a couple of goes and didn't get in either time so I guess I failed the vibe check, either that or I didn't speak loudly enough into my computer's microphone.

On my first attempt, I was asked if it was my first time at the Berghain, whether I knew I was in the right place and whether I was on drugs.

Answering normally (yes, yes, no) it turned out I'd behaved appropriately zero out of three times, perhaps I hadn't pulled the right faces for Sven.

Deciding to have another crack at it, I adopted an expression of wide-eyed amazement and a big grin, though the site took one look at my eyebrows and thought I must have been angry.

This time around I was able to impress Sven with my first two answers, as he again asked whether it was my first time at the club (yes) before wanting to know whether I knew who was 'spinning' there tonight to which I said no.

However, it all fell down on question number three when Sven asked where I'd come from that night and I blurted out 'Frankfurt' for some reason.

This is Sven the doorman, he wouldn't let me into the club.

I don't know if the Berghain doesn't admit people from Frankfurt (unlikely) or whether I'd not given Sven the answer with the right tone and expression (more likely) but it turns out this exclusive nightclub doesn't work on the premise that two out of three 'aint bad'.

For those intent on making it inside there is a list of rules to be aware of, so don't show up in a drunk and disorderly state, the club's all-black dress code you might have heard of is unofficial so it won't guarantee you getting in.

Above all it helps if you try to give off your own vibe so the bouncers know you're not trying to mess everyone around.

On top of that, it can apparently help if you know which DJ is playing the club that night, and in the training game that was one of Sven's questions.

You'll have to agree to have your cameras covered up with tape as well, and sometimes they might not let you in for the simple reason that they're already pretty full up.

It is a finite amount of space, after all.

Featured Image Credit: XAMAX\ullstein bild via Getty Images / XAMAX\ullstein bild via Getty Images

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