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Former 'World's Strongest Man' deadlifts 1210lbs of Hummer tyres and sets new world record

Former 'World's Strongest Man' deadlifts 1210lbs of Hummer tyres and sets new world record

A Ukrainian former World's Strongest Man set a new world record at the 2022 Shaw Classic

Footage of a former World's Strongest Man title holder has been doing the rounds on social media in recent days. Watch the impressive clip below:

Oleksii Novikov was the World's Strongest Man in 2020, and the third strongest in 2022.

This year, he also added Europe's Strongest Man to his growing list of accolades - this was even more impressive as the Ukrainian reportedly had minimal training due to partaking in the draft for his country's war against Russia.

The footage of Oleskii, circulating on Reddit in particular, shows him breaking a world record for lifting 1210lbs Hummer tyre at the 2022 Shaw Classic competition.

The reddit post is captioned with: "HMRB while I lift this 1210lbs Hummer Tire and made a World Record."

HMRB stands for hold my Red Bull, and we think Oleskii may have needed one or two to set the record, safe to say.

Oleskii Novikov achieved the new world record at the 2022 Shaw Classic.
SHAW Classic

People have been reacting to the astonishing clip on the Reddit thread, with it now sitting at over 6,000 upvotes on the Hold My Red Bull subreddit.

One user jokingly said: "Dayum, that's over 40 bags of my dogs food all at once... I need to see if he's available for deliveries."

A second added: "When the junkyard has all you can carry for 50 bucks days."

Meanwhile, a third said: "This is why Russia will lose the war."

Overall, Oleskii came fourth in the 2022 Shaw Classic with a total of 79 points over the eight events.

The 1210lb Hummer tire max deadlift was not the only world record he broke over the two-day event, as the record for eight reps on the 110kg circus dumbbell was also achieved.

Oleskii has given fans an insight into his experience as a Ukrainian solider on his YouTube channel in recent months.

In a video uploaded in April this year, just six weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, Oleskii posted footage of himself taking part in performance drills alongside fellow soldiers.

Elsewhere in the 2022 Shaw Classic, US strongman Trey Mitchell retained his title with a total of 100.5 points, and went head-to-head against competition promoter Brian Shaw in the final event for the second year running.

Canada's Mitchell Hooper completed the top three with 95 points, a clear 16 ahead of Oleskii in fourth place.

2022's Shaw Classic was the third running of the competition, with its debut coming in 2020.

Featured Image Credit: SHAW Classic

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