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Visitor terrified by gorilla's 'smooth' entrance at zoo

Visitor terrified by gorilla's 'smooth' entrance at zoo

Damn that's smooth

A zoo visitor got more than she bargained for when a gorilla made quite possibly the smoothest entrance ever. Check it out:

Originally shared by Tina Flick, the viral clip shows a group of gorillas in their enclosure just going about their business, when all of a sudden one of them slides across the floor and right up to the glass wall.

The furry beast then does a little twirl to present his behind to the guests, even pushing out his hip with some serious sass.

Once everyone's had an eyeful of his junk, he then saunters back to where he came from - but not before giving them a truly dirty look right at the end.

In the background, one person bursts out laughing while Flick says: "That scared the heck out of me."

The video has since racked up millions of views, not to mention thousands of comments from the TikTok community.

"And THAT'S how to make an entrance," said one, while another wrote: "He’s smiling too, he’s done this before," alongside a laughing emoji.

There aren't many people in this world who can say they've been mooned by a gorilla.

A third quipped, "U seen that smile... he knew he was smooth with it," with a fourth adding: "Electric slide!"

In response to another comment, Flick explained: "He straight up scared me because I wasn’t really [paying] attention to the door inside of the room."

As outlined by Newsweek, a hashtag in the TikToker's video suggests the cheeky gorilla in question is Cenzoo, a resident at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina.

According to Birmingham Zoo, his previous home, Cenzoo is 26 years old, and other than mooning people he likes his food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, fresh cut tree branches and alfalfa hay.

They added: "Like most adult gorillas, Cenzoo spends a good amount of time resting but he also enjoys other activities such as observing the activities of the train behind the Primate Building, using tools, and engaging in training sessions with his zookeepers."

Oh, and apparently he's not a fan of the rain - which is not all that surprising if the last viral video of Riverbanks' primates is anything to go by.

Back in 2019, a group of gorillas at the zoo acted the same way humans do when they're confronted with a heavy downfall - by huddling under shelter.

A clip of the hilarious moment did the rounds online, with one person writing: "Pissing myself at gorillas making a run for it in the rain. Especially the [awkward face emoji] expressions."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@its_just_me0215

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