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Man has extremely cool reaction after winning huge jackpot on The 1% Club

Man has extremely cool reaction after winning huge jackpot on The 1% Club

One man got very lucky on Australia's The 1% Club

A man had the coolest reaction to winning a whopping figure on the Australian version of TV quiz show The 1% Club.

Joe recently took part in the game show hosted by comedian Jim Jefferies, getting to the most nerve-racking moment of the show: the feared final question.

Asked whether he wanted to give a try to answer the last question, he and his opponent Catherine decided to continue their race for a chance to win a very tempting cash prize.

The two gamers were up against each other to win $96,000, but they both risked going home empty-handed if neither of them had answered correctly.

Joe won the jackpot on The 1% Club.
Channel 7

Quizzed by Jefferies prior to his big win, Joe admitted one of the first things he'd do with the money if he'd won was going on holiday with his loved ones.

As usual, the very last question of the show is a tricky one - it is said that only 1% of Australians can get it right.

A correct answer would secure a cash prize of up to $100,000 to whoever gets it, though that is a rare occurrence on the show.

The two contestants were presented with a sequence of letters and were asked to identify the letter that would have completed the streak logically in just 30 seconds.

Joe and Catherine took a chance, each providing Jefferies with a different answer.

While Catherine picked the letter N, Joe similarly went for another consonant, plumping for the letter R.

Joe got incredibly lucky.
Channel 7

The two contestants didn't share their reasonings behind their choices, but it seemed clear they both let their intuition guide them.

Unexpectedly, Joe's answer was revealed to be the correct choice. By his own admission, he went for a wild guess, not having understood the principle behind the sequence.

"I guessed it," he said. "But I'll take it!"

He immediately celebrated, still not fully realising he'd got to go home with $96,000 in his pockets that night.

"Amazing," he said when the presenter asked him how he felt.

"I really like being in The 1% Club, that's gonna be amazing," he continued.

Jefferies also comforted Catherine, reminding her that, while she may have not won anything, she was still 'better' than the other 98 contestants who took part in the episode.

"That does feel good," she said.

The 1% Club famously has 100 contestants being up against each other to get to the very final stage of the game.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7

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