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Weird 11-year-old song shoots up charts after wild sex confession goes viral

Weird 11-year-old song shoots up charts after wild sex confession goes viral

The internet has had a field day after a sex confession involving an incredibly unnerving tune has left everyone in stitches.

The internet is full of weird and wonderful stories, but this one surely takes the cake.

One Reddit user has made a music-themed sex confession that was so bonkers that the song has shot up the iTunes charts... despite being released 11 years ago.

One user going by the name of u/TylerLife posted his harrowing story involving his poor partner and the Hudson Mohawke song ‘Cbat’.

TylerLife made the admission that he had spent some time putting together a lovemaking playlist, but particularly enjoyed getting down to the rhythm of his favourite tune ‘Cbat’.

Having a carefully curated playlist to get down and dirty to isn’t uncommon, however, it might be best to collaborate with your partner before trying it out first.

He said: “I thought the song was perfect and I always thrust along with the tune and feel it gives me the perfect rhythm for doing the deed to.”

The only caveat being that two years into his relationship his partner revealed that she absolutely hates the track and it has put her off sex completely.

Initially, you feel a bit sorry for the guy, that is until you actually listen to the song.

Seriously, listen to it and cringe just like everyone else has had to. 

It sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks laying down a rap album. That poor girl.

Perhaps even more devastating is the fact that the Reddit user admitted that he had used it with previous partners who apparently ‘never complained about the song’. 

The internet, being the internet, has turned the song and the story into a viral meme.

All over TikTok people ripped the guy and the song to shreds, mimicking the guy's apparent rhythm while doing the deed to the song.

We can’t believe it took the girl two years to put an end to this madness.

Hilariously, the track has flown up the US iTunes Electronic charts to number one in what must be a whirlwind for Scottish DJ Hudson Mowhake. 

The Glasgow trap artist has even gotten in on the joke making the tune his ‘Artist Pick’ on Spotify and captioning the post: “Stroke game…”

If you thought the story couldn’t get any wilder then strap yourselves in. 

The ‘Cbat’ stroker posted an update to the story, and unsurprisingly his partner won’t be enduring any more mouse squeaks mid-deed anymore. 

Apparently, his partner’s sister caught wind of the post after it went viral online. 

TylerLife posted: “The attention hasn’t been exactly positive and this hasn’t been the best thing to happen for my relationship and it’s now sadly ended.”

He even admitted to playing the song with his ex-partner’s family at the dinner table who exclaimed how terrible his taste in music was.

Oh and he’s gone on TikTok to demonstrate exactly how he performs to the song.

Wild, just wild.

He says he’ll be uploading the full playlist to YouTube and we simply cannot wait to see what more he has in store.

Featured Image Credit: thehannahmichelle/TikTok. dark_reunion/TikTok.

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