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What Time Is Sex Education Season 3 Coming Out On Netflix?

What Time Is Sex Education Season 3 Coming Out On Netflix?

So many cliffhangers, we need answers!

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Sex Education season three is about to drop on Netflix, with some new faces at Moordale this term.

The 80s British comedy-drama series stars Asa Butterfield as Otis, a sex-obsessed teenage lad who sets up a sex education club with a mate at school, and Gillian Anderson as Otis' sex therapist mum, Jean, who has no trouble embarrassing him at school.

The highly anticipated third instalment of the Netflix Original series was announced in February 2020, by none other than headmaster Groff himself, who er, was booted out of Moordale in the last series.

Production started in September 2020 and the trailer was released a year later, just weeks before the new series drops.

A lot of loose ends needed tying at the end of season two; Otis finally declared his love for Maeve - only to have the voicemail deleted by newcomer Isaac, and Jean fell pregnant.

Jackson and Viv made up and reaffirmed their friendship and Maeve found out her mum is using drugs again and reported her to child services.

Meanwhile, Adam got on stage during a theatre production and told Eric how he felt, breaking Rahim's heart in turn.

Gillian Anderson and Jemina-Jo Kirke in Sex Education season 3. (

"There's a bit of a time-jump since the season two cliffhanger," Butterfield said of the new season. "Otis is back at school but he's got different things on his plate. He's grown up a bit and become slightly more sassy.

"It's been fun to portray his newfound charisma. Don't worry, though, he's still tragically awkward too."

Whatever's in store for our favourite Moordale students this term, Butterfield (Otis) said we're not ready for season three - I beg to differ!

What time is Sex Education season 3 on Netflix?

Sex Education season three drops on Netflix on Friday 17th September at 9am BST.

If you're new to the hit series, or just fancy a major binge on seasons one and two ahead of the third instalment, you can watch all of the previous episodes on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sexeducation

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