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Sex Education creator hints at what a future spin-off would look like

Sex Education creator hints at what a future spin-off would look like

Laurie Nunn, the creator of Netflix show Sex Education, has opened up on the prospect of future spin-off shows

The creator of Sex Education has hinted at the potential for spin-off series in the future as the smash hit Netflix show comes to a close with season four.

Since season four was released in September 2023, millions of people have tuned in to find out the fate of their favourite characters, and there have been growing calls for other shows focusing on the same characters to be announced.

However, the show’s creator, Laurie Nunn, has kept tight-lipped about the whole thing. Although she has admitted that there are ‘so many different avenues to explore’ when it comes to continuing in the Sex Education world.

The cast of Sex Education.

She even joked that there could be a spin-off where the characters are ‘married and boring’, although that might not be quite the success that the original has been.

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter after the end of the show, Nunn said: "There are so many different avenues to explore Moordale more.

"I've really loved some of the new characters that have come into series four.

"I think it would be really cool to maybe see some more of them."

Whatever happens, it won’t happen for a bit yet.

Everyone needs a break after all the excitement.

Nunn continued: "But, to be honest, I'm not really thinking about any spin-offs right now.

"I'm just sort of taking a break and getting to know what my brain feels without writing Sex Education for a bit."

As season four ended – and here’s your SPOILER ALERT, if you need one – there was much speculation about whether Otis and Maeve would eventually get together.

But in the end, Nunn decided to follow her instinct and leave the pair apart.

There's still scope for other shows now that the original is finished.

"They're 17, and I think it's really hard if you meet your soulmate when you're 17,” she explained.

"And I've always sort of imagined that they might get together 10 years down the path when they've matured and grown up a little bit."

She joked: "That's the spin-off. They're just married and boring."

Nunn said that she decided to wrap things up after this season during the writing process, realising along the way that a natural end point was approaching.

She said: "This was not an easy decision to make.

"But as the themes and stories of the new season crystallised, it became clear that this was the right time to graduate."

It’s always better to leave people wanting more, rather than doing something to death and until people are totally sick of it.

Sex Education is available to watch now on Netflix.

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