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600-lb life star praised after losing 218 pounds in inspiring transformation

600-lb life star praised after losing 218 pounds in inspiring transformation

He is unrecognisable now

TV reality series My 600-lb Life has had some dramatic weight loss transformations over the years. However, Lucas Higdon is one of the most notable.

Here's his appearance on the 10th series of the show:

Viewers watched as the 33-year-old American could barely get out of bed and experienced constant pain, as well as being depressed and turning to food and overeating whenever his family argued or fought.

The series began with a tired and obese Higdon explaining to viewers that he struggled to shower at home and would often have to go to his sister's home just to get clean.

Weighing in at a whopping 619 pounds, Higdon was desperate to lose weight and take control of his life.

He also wanted to get back to school and be able to work in IT.

Viewers first saw Higdon overweight and struggling to get out of bed.

Viewers watched as Higdon, under the careful eye of Dr. Now, followed a strict 1,200 calorie diet which saw him lose 80 pounds in the first three months.

When the results were starting to show from his careful diet and working out with a personal trainer, Higdon was also approved for weight loss surgery, allowing him to get down to a healthier weight quicker.

By the tenth episode of the series, viewers saw a slimmer Higdon, who had lost a whopping 218 pounds and was still following his gym and healthy lifestyle in order to maintain his weight loss.

Fans were then left teary eyed and emotional as they saw him begin his return to studying at community college and getting a job working with computers, which had always been a dream.

"Great job Lucas! Glad your mental health is getting better." one person commented.

"Wow great job!!" another said, while third called him an 'inspiration'.

However, many wondered what happened to him afterwards.

Initial efforts saw Higdon lose 80 pounds through diet and exercise, before he went for weight loss surgery.

After the series finished, Higdon kept fans updated with regular progress via his Facebook page.

In December 2021, he updated his followers that he had managed to walk half a mile without a break, which was a far cry from his previous struggles to walk for more than five minutes without exhaustion.

And his most recent update in March 2022 revealed that things were positive and upbeat for the star.

He wrote: "Sorry about being MIA. Things are going great! Just been very busy and progressing with life. Been the most active I've ever been."

And many were quick to praise him, calling him 'amazing' and saying that his 'determination was fantastic'.

Lucas Higdon looks hugely slimmer in his latest Facebook picture after 175 pound weight loss.
Facebook/Lucas Higdon

In July 2022, Higdon even revealed to fans on Reddit that his involvement in the reality series actually came after he sought out the expertise of Dr. Now.

He said: "I planned a visit and drove to Houston to see him. Initial visit was expensive as hell but when I finally got to see him, after what felt like a novel of questionnaires and papers to fill out.

"We discussed my situation and he offered if I wanted to be on the show to get the surgery and I agreed. He took a picture of me and told me that he would make contact with megalomedia to see about getting me on it. And two days later I had a phone call from execs.

"So for me they didn’t scout me out."

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