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Actor needed a ‘d**k tie’ in order to perform sex scene with Jennifer Lopez in Netflix movie

Actor needed a ‘d**k tie’ in order to perform sex scene with Jennifer Lopez in Netflix movie

The actor revealed the measures that were put in place to maintain the pair's professionalism

A co-star of Jennifer Lopez revealed how during the filming of an intimate scene, he was provided with a 'd**k tie' to prevent any unfortunate - and uncomfortable - mishaps occuring.

Imagine it, you’re an actor and you land the role of your career. You’re staring alongside Jennifer Lopez, everything looks great... But it’s an erotic thriller, and you have to have on-screen sex with the star.

What sounds like every teenage boy’s fantasy was actually a really mechanical process, as Ryan Guzman once revealed.

Guzman starred alongside 'Jenny from the Block' in the 2015 thriller The Boy Next Door, which followed a 19-year-old man who, after having a one-night stand with his high school teacher, develops a dangerous obsession with her.

When it came to filming their intimate scene, it turns out that while Lopez got 'all these cool gadgets' to maintain professionalism, Guzman was left with nothing but a sock and a 'd**k tie'.

Sounds classy, we know.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan back in 2015, Guzman explained how he had to make it as tight as he could to prevent blood flow. “It kind of holds on to your man parts so the sock isn’t, you know, pulled off during the scene," he said.

The d**k tie also ensures no 'surprises' happen during the filming of the hot and heavy scenes... if you know what we mean.

Ryan Guzman starred alongside Jennifer Lopez in The Boy Next Door.
Universal Pictures

The actor went on to explain other measures put in place to maintain the pair's professionalism and dignity, including the 'guards' that were used during particularly graphic scenes.

"There's a guard there," Guzman said when speaking about having his 'hands all over her body'.

"She was wearing something on top of her and there was no full-on hand-to-genitalia, I mean … it was just, yeah. We kept it professional.

"Even when I'm grabbing on her chest, there were guards on them too, and my hand had to be positioned in a certain way so it didn't show any of the guards [in the shot]."

The actor revealed the measures that were in place to keep the pair as professional and comfortable as possible during their intimate scene.
Universal Pictures

In all honesty, we think most of us would have preferred to keep an industry secret like that... a secret.

One that we never acknowledge and certainly don’t talk about in order to keep the fantasy alive, like Father Christmas, or the Tooth Fairy. Or one of the many other relatable things to blockbuster film sex scenes.

For those of you who love a rom-com as much as anyone else, or are a die-hard fan of erotic thrillers, we’re sorry.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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