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Fans Saying Adam Sandler's Motivational Speech In New Netflix Movie Belongs In 'Hall Of Fame'

Fans Saying Adam Sandler's Motivational Speech In New Netflix Movie Belongs In 'Hall Of Fame'

Viewers have been seriously impressed by his performance in the new flick

Viewers have been blown away by the motivational speech Adam Sandler gives in his latest Netflix movie Hustle - you can see it here:

Sports drama Hustle sees Sandler turning his hand to a serious role, as he plays down-on-his-luck basketball scout Stanley Sugerman, who is hoping to revive his career after finding talented player Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomez) in Spain. 

Stanley brings Bo, who is battling his own issues, back to the US with him and the pair are keen to do everything it takes to show they can make it in the NBA. 

Sandler has been widely praised by critics and audiences for his performance, and one scene in particular has blown viewers away. 

In the scene, Stanley is giving Bo a somewhat intense motivational speech, asking him if he’s dead set on making it in the NBA and telling him that ‘obsession beats talent every time’. 

Adam Sandler in Hustle.

Posting on Twitter about the scene one fan said: “Hustle on Netflix was fire. Adam Sandler was great (as usual), Juancho Hernangómez was really good and Anthony Edwards is the best. If you are a basketball fan, you'll enjoy this movie. My favourite scene. I love this game!”

Another wrote: “Adam Sandler never miss on ANY movies best part of the movie Hustle for me was this speech because that's what it really takes to be in the NBA, that's the blueprint.”

While someone else commented: “Watching that new Adam Sandler sports movie Hustle and man, this dude is really in his ‘I'm done being funny, I want OSCARS’ era, huh. The ‘you love this game, but are you obsessed with it?’ speech belongs in the hall of all-time great sports movie speeches.”


Although best know for starring in comedies, Sandler previously wowed fans with his performance in Uncut Gems in 2019, and after watching him in Hustle some are even suggesting he opt for more dramatic parts in future. 

As well as being a big hit with Netflix viewers, critics have also responded favourably to the new movie - with Sandler’s acting skills receiving particularly glowing praise. 

On review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, Hustle has a very impressive 91 percent for both its critics and audience scores; while on IMDB it's earned itself a 7.3 rating. 

If you’ve not yet seen it and fancy checking out for yourself, Hustle is available to watch on Netflix right now. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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