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How Much Was Adam Sandler Paid For Netflix's Hustle?

How Much Was Adam Sandler Paid For Netflix's Hustle?

Adam Sandler's latest Netflix film Hustle has gone down great with fans, but how much was he paid for it?

Adam Sandler’s most recent acting accomplishment was starring in Netflix’s new drama/sport feature film Hustle, which was released to the platform on 3rd June.

Excitingly for the Hollywood star, the movie has been received extremely well by his fans, and has proved to be the highest-rated film of his entire career, going by the audience score of 92%. 

In the film, Sandler portrays basketball scout Stanley Sugerman, who discovers an extraordinary player whilst travelling abroad, who he brings back to his team without their permission. 

Sandler has starred in an impressive 62 films in his long and successful career, but with Hustle proving to be one of the best, fans are wondering what kind of money Sandler made from his Netflix deal. 

So if you were wondering the same, you’re in the right place…

How Much Did Adam Sandler Make From Hustle

It is no surprise to anyone that having a huge Hollywood name star in your film is going to come at a price, but fortunately for Netflix, they have the kind of funds to make that happen!

We don't know how much Sandler was paid for this specific film, but according to reports he has a ridiculous $350 million (£199 million) deal with the streaming service. And Sandler's entire net worth is in the region of $420 million (£344 million).

Sandler made his acting debut in 1989 where he starred in Going Overboard, over three decades ago now. So for his most recent movie to be one of the most successful ever, it’s clear to see the legend’s still got it!

It has even been said that some of the key scenes in the film were pulled off at a real NBA game…but we’re not around to give any spoilers!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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