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Adele Stops Mid-Performance After Spotting Distressed Fan In Crowd At Hyde Park Gig

Adele Stops Mid-Performance After Spotting Distressed Fan In Crowd At Hyde Park Gig

Fans are praising the singer for always putting their safety first

Adele has once again proved that her fans' safety comes first, with a new video emerging of the singer stopping mid-performance to help an audience member in distress. You can watch the moment below:

Last night (1 July), the 34-year-old songwriter took to the stage in Hyde Park where she wowed the crowd with her first UK show since 2017.

As someone who's known to look after her fans at her gigs, it'll come as no surprise that she stopped proceedings last night to help someone who needed assistance.

Just moments after starting her Skyfall hit 'This is the End', Adele shouts 'stop, stop, stop' before picking up the mic and pointing to the crowd.

"Security, somebody needs security's help," she says. "Right in the middle there, can you see where they're all waving?"

As she walks to the edge of the stage, she reassures the fan, telling them 'they're coming now' before asking people to move out of the way.

Fans praised Adele for looking after the crowd member.

Only once she can see the audience member is in safe hands does she continue the show.

The clip was shared by Twitter user @Kieran_sw, who wrote: "Just wanna say mad respect to Adele for stopping the show and making a scene when she thought someone was in trouble and needed help from security.

"That was a crowd of 65,000+ and she still did it. it really is that easy. #AdeleBST."

They added: "Also, I hope the person she got security over to is okay!! best wishes if u see this."

Dozens of people have taken to the comments section to share their praise for the star, with one writing: "She didn't just stop. She walked over and made sure she could see. Love it."

"That’s awesome she cares," said another, while a third added, "She is so human full of compassion."

A few commenters referenced the Astroworld tragedy in November last year where ten people were killed in a crowd surge that occurred as Travis Scot performed.

The shocking incident also led to hundreds of audience members suffering from injuries, and highlighted the issue of crowd safety at concerts and festivals.

Ten people were killed during a Travis Scott performance last year.

Following the incident, people online continue to speculate as to whether more could be done to prevent the tragedy, with many people sharing examples from other artists who have had to deal with such events.

In response to the Adele clip, one person said, "Travis Scott cant relate," while another told rappers to 'look and learn'.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Kieran_sw

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