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Aitch gets ready for summer with the essential festival survival kit

Aitch gets ready for summer with the essential festival survival kit

The rapper knows exactly what he needs to have a good time this summer

What are your go-to items when you're getting ready for a festival? Maybe some funky shorts, or a jazzy pair of wellies? If you need some inspiration, Aitch has got you covered.

The British rapper is no stranger to festivals, having just headlined Parklife in Manchester, and with festival season officially upon us, Aitch is just one of thousands getting ready for those muddy fields and massive crowds.

Aitch recently performed at Parklife.
Three Mobile

The Mancunian rapper revealed his 'festival survival kit' during a chat with Rio Fredrika for Three UK’s music series, ConnectWith, where he joined Fredirka in a taco truck and shared some of his preferences when it comes to festivals.

Aitch revealed that he's a 'camper' over a 'glamper', and he's all about 'fresh creps' over 'muddy wellies', but his favourite thing about festivals is 'seeing his fans light up' when he performs.

Admittedly this isn't a feeling fans themselves will be able to relate to, but it definitely feels just as good to jump around in the mud while seeing your favourite artist live on stage.

But what essentials do you need while doing that? Well, it all starts with some funky sunglasses.

Aitch's pair of shades screamed summer, with a little cocktail stuck on one side and a palm tree on the other.

Aitch is ready for festival season with his shades and bumbag.
Three Mobile

Other items that are a requirement for Aitch include a couple of classics in the form of a metallic bum bag and matching bucket hat - because what's a festival without a good bucket hat?

To make sure he's able to live his dreams of having fresh creps, Aitch's essentials also included wet wipes and shoe covers.

The rapper did initially mistake the covers for a swimming cap, but to be fair I guess you could use it as one, if you're unfortunate enough to get hit by some rain.

But 'the biggest essential of them all' for Aitch is one that will help you remember the festival for years to come: a portable charger. You've got to get those videos, haven't you?

Sharing his tips ahead of festival season, Aitch said: “My top festival tip is to remember everyone is there to have a good time – don’t get too annoyed if someone steps on your shoes or spills a drink.

"It’s all part of the experience AND it makes it much better for me as a performer when everyone is in a good mood and enjoying the vibe.”

Featured Image Credit: Three Mobile

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