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Beef star Ali Wong hates eating Asian food with non-Asian people

Beef star Ali Wong hates eating Asian food with non-Asian people

Don't expect Ali Wong to take you for dim sum.

Beef star Ali Wong may not be as hateful as her character Amy in the hit Netflix/A24 series, but she does have 'beef' with some things that she wants to get off her chest.

And apparently one of those things is eating Asian food with non-Asian people.

The comedian, actor, and writer warned Kelly that they were 'never gonna go to dim sum' together, after the singer admitted she might be the problem.

Ali appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week to discuss her hot Netflix drama, but also to rant with Kelly about their own 'beefs'.

When the topic 'getting Asian food with non-Asian people' popped up, Ali was ready to go.

Ali Wong has 'beef' with getting Asian food with her non-Asian friends.
The Kelly Clarkson Show

"You are 100% talking about me," laughed Kelly.

"Oh man, we're never gonna go to dim sum, then," Ali told her.

When Kelly asked what the problem was, Ali explained why she's done eating dim sum with her non-Asian friends.

"No, it's just... when I was living in New York and a bunch of stand-up comics would be like, 'take me to dim sum, I want to go to dim sum,' and then we'd go to dim sum and they'd be like, 'What is that? Ew! What is that? What is that?'" she shared.

"And they're basically asking, 'why is that not a sandwich?' You asked me to take you here!

"Also, with dim sum, it's all pork and shrimp. Just eat it!"

Ali explained her reasoning on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly assured Ali that she's not that kind of eater.

"I'm not that person, I will generally try anything," she insisted.

Ali replied: "As long as you'll try. But it's mostly just all the questions, you know? It's more when people are squeamish."

Bouncing off of Ali's point, Kelly noted that her pet peeve is when people 'food shame' others or 'yuck your yum'.

"Why did you just 'yuck' my food? Now I've gotta eat it and you just verbally barfed on it!" Kelly complained.

Wrapping up their food rant, Kelly told her viewers: "And there you go! That was so helpful. America, you're welcome."

When the clip of Ali on the show started circulating online, viewers could fully relate to her frustration and flocked to the comments to discuss.

Ali Wong stars as Amy in the new Netflix series 'Beef'.

"Ali Wong is sooo real for this," commented one viewer.

"It's ok to ask or wonder, but it's the tone. Like 'omg what is that???' Like, babe it's literally just dumplings," wrote a second.

And a third added: "It's so true it's exhausting. If it's not boba or aesthetic enough for y'all's socials, it's tiring dealing with unmindful behaviour."

Now that everyone knows what Ali Wong is capable of, after watching her new series Beef, you had better not act out the next time you're out for dinner.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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