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New ‘deeply uncomfortable’ Netflix show Beef being called the best show people have ever seen

New ‘deeply uncomfortable’ Netflix show Beef being called the best show people have ever seen

The new series dropped on Netflix earlier this week

A ‘deeply uncomfortable’ new Netflix series is being called the best show people have ever seen, having landed on the streaming site earlier this week.

Watch the trailer here:

Beef is a new comedy-drama starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, two strangers living in Los Angeles who become caught up in a drawn-out dispute after a brief road rage incident.

A synopsis from Netflix fan platform Tudum says: “Danny is a blue-collar worker struggling to find his footing, while Amy is a self-made woman with a picturesque family. Everyone has a bad day, but few let a car honk turn into a high-speed chase.

“Throughout the 10-episode series, Danny and Amy’s feud spirals into an obsession with revenge that not only consumes each of them, but also takes over the lives of their loved ones.”

The new show dropped earlier this week.

After dropping on Netflix on 6 April, the series has already become a firm hit among viewers, with some saying it’s the best thing they’ve seen this year – if not ever.

One tweeted: “Wow. Beef on Netflix might be the best show I’ve ever watched. Absolute masterpiece. Just binged it in two sittings so need to digest and reflect. But wow #BEEFNetflix.”

Someone else said: “Beef is undoubtedly one of the riveting shows that perfectly captures the calamitous complexities in the lives of two people. The hostile chemistry between Steven Yeun and Ali Wong makes it even better. This is Netflix's 'Best' original show of the last 5 years.”

A third wrote: “#Beef on Netflix is the best show I have seen in forever and the soundtrack is great.”

Another said it was one of the best shows they’d seen in a while thanks to ‘fantastic performances’ from Yeun and Wong, while a fifth said the show was ‘so refreshing’ and compared it to the second season of The White Lotus.


Drawing a similar comparison, one other said: “Beef is Netflix’s first HBO-quality show in years, and the best show of 2023 so far.”

Another fan added: "It’s deeply uncomfortable at times but it’s worth it."

Indeed, the Gogglebox crew were left at a total loss for words when they tuned in to an episode in last night's show, when they were showed a clip of Ali Wong's character Amy using a gun to pleasure herself.

Amy has an unusual kink for guns in new Netflix series Beef.

"This doesn't look good... she's locked and loaded and he's on his way round," noted Sophie Sandiford from her home in Blackpool.

"She's making out with the gun! She's putting it near her noona," exclaimed horrified best friends Daniella and Danielle.

"She's having sex with a gun, Ron!" a flabbergasted Annie told her husband Ronnie.

Watch Beef on Netflix now.

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