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All Of Us Are Dead Ending Explained

All Of Us Are Dead Ending Explained

Fans of ruthless, flesh-eating zombie movies revelled everywhere when Netflix’s newest K-drama All Of Us Are Dead recently dropped.

Fans of ruthless, flesh-eating zombie movies revelled everywhere when Netflix’s newest K-drama All Of Us Are Dead recently dropped on the streaming giant. 

The 10-part series was based on the online comic webtoon Now At Our School, and was adapted for the streaming platform by writer Chun Sung-il, centering around a zombie virus outbreak between students in a school

Fans of the series will recognise Lee Yoo-mi from the viral series Squid Game, while the show also showcases even more up-and-coming acting stars. 

The talented cast take viewers through the terrifying storyline, while depicting an ever-changing amount of zombie virus variants which rip through the school.

Once viewers have sat through that game-changing cliffhanger, all that’s left to do is work out: what really happened at the end of All Of Us Are Dead?

Warning: All Of Us Are Dead spoilers below

What happened at the end of All Of Us Are Dead?

In the finale episode of All Of Us Are Dead, viewers will recall watching survivors On-jo (Park Ji-hoo) and Su-hyeok (Park Solomon) being rescued by the military where they must endure a period of quarantine (sound familiar?). 

One of the friends of the surviving group, Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun), makes the decision to leave the rest of the group as she suffered a zombie variant infection. This meant that although she wasn’t a full-blown zombie, she does, at times, crave the taste of human flesh and doesn’t want to run the risk of hurting one of her friends.

Flash forward to four months later, and it appears the zombie virus is far more under control. Quarantine rules are beginning to relax, and the surviving group of friends even sneak out at night from their military camp. 

The group see a fire in the distance and decide to approach it, with On-jo taking the lead. They come across Nam-ra, who they had to split from before, who seems delighted to see the group.

The half-zombie girl tells the group that there are more zombies “like me”, before a noise in the distance causes her to flee the situation, jumping from the roof of the high-rise building that they’re gathered on. 

She escapes unscathed, proving the likelihood of her developing supernatural powers, which may or may not be due to the zombie variant she was infected with.

Now, given the show’s ambiguous ending with Nam-ra surviving, it could mean that zombies, or at the very least, half-zombies are still in existence.

The fate of the surviving group that find themselves in hot water is a bit trickier to predict, though. One outcome could be that Nam-ra jumped from the roof to save them from a future zombie attack, but another could be that they were led there by her to be zombie bait. 

The final episode also showed the police detaining the family of the high school science teacher who invented the virus at the kids’ school. This could mean the authorities are now trying to create a vaccine against the zombie virus, or they could be exploring the possibility of a bio-weapon within the series.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what series two has in-store.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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