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Astrid Wett Pulls Out Of Boxing Matching With Elle Brooke

Astrid Wett Pulls Out Of Boxing Matching With Elle Brooke

The pair were due to step into the ring on 16 July

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett has pulled out of her upcoming boxing match against Elle Brooke.

The pair were set to take on the bout on 16 July, with a somewhat chaotic press conference taking place earlier this week.

However, Astrid has since said she won’t be taking part due to numerous concerns over the fight.

In a video posted on YouTube, Astrid explained how she 'wanted to prove to everybody that a porn star can do something different'.


"I wanted it to be well respected… change the opinion on girls that are in the same line of work.

"I personally feel that the KingPyn event is not the event for this. Things have changed from what we first thought when we signed six to seven weeks ago."

Astrid went on to say that the fighters were told there would be other ‘well known’ and ‘well respected’ online celebrities set to fight on the same card but as yet that hasn’t happened.

She also claimed that Elle’s threats to ‘kill’ her in the ring have left her feeling concerned for her safety during the fight.

She asked: "What's to stop her from head butting me or kicking me, or going for the back of the head, for example?”

Astrid then criticised the fact that Elle was allowed to bring a coffin onto the stage during the press conference even though it was ‘the day after somebody tragically lost their life in the boxing ring’.

The model went on to brand the whole event a ‘freak show’ before saying: "We're just being put up to be laughed at and not because we want to be good fighters."

However, it appears that Elle is still keen to step in the ring - responding to the news, she wrote on Twitter: "Well it looks like I need a new opponent if anyone fancies it…


"Regardless of your opinion on influencer boxing events, I have been training in a professional camp alongside professional fighters, respecting the work that goes into being a boxer. This is a journey from zero to hero.

"It’s also worth noting that the vast majority of things that are said and done, are publicity stunts designed to create hype and interest.

"Astrid wanted to be the innocent underdog so I had to be the unhinged one. The fight wasn’t going to sell itself lol."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Hickez/Instagram/@wett.astrid

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