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Viewers raving about 'tense' new BBC thriller starring Keeley Hawes

Viewers raving about 'tense' new BBC thriller starring Keeley Hawes

The series has been described as 'gripping' by viewers

Keeley Hawes. BBC thriller. Need I say more?

I probably should say more, given you don't really know much about the show yet, but I like to think those four words are at least enough to incite a bit of excitement.

The Bodyguard and Line of Duty star has already proven herself to be a captivating actor, and now she's back in a new thriller alongside Vikash Bhai, Noah Leggott and Pol Toro.

Crossfire aired its first episode on Tuesday (20 September), introducing viewers to Jo and setting the scene as the mum enjoyed a holiday with her family and friends.

Being a BBC thriller, it didn't take long for things to take a dramatic turn as Jo's hotel was suddenly infiltrated by gunmen seeking revenge.

Hawes stars as mum Jo in Crossfire.

Airing nightly at 9:00pm, the thriller did find itself competing with the latest series of The Great British Bake Off, but it evidently succeeded in captivating fans as many took to Twitter to share their excitement over the new show.

One fan commented: "Loved episode one of #Crossfire tonight - gripping drama with tension building around the events and personal situations!! #KeeleyHawes is incredible as always as Jo. Can't wait for the next episodes!!"

Another wrote: "Wow! What a fantastic first episode!!! I was on edge the whole time!!"

Those who aren't free to watch the show at 9:00pm will be glad to know all episodes of Crossfire are available to watch on BBC iPlayer, meaning you could have a binge-session and avoid having to wait hours for the next instalment.

Like any show, Crossfire isn't for everyone and has received some backlash from Twitter users who described the series as 'unnecessary' and 'boring'. If you're among that group, though, at least you have Bake Off to fall back on.

The series has been written by best-selling novelist and author Louise Doughty, who described the show as 'a drama about ordinary people caught up in an extraordinary situation and how they behave'.

A synopsis for the show further explains that Jo's world is 'turned upside down when shots ring out across the complex' as she's sunbathing on her hotel room balcony.

"Gunmen, out for revenge, have, in an instant, turned a slice of paradise into a terrifying heart-breaking hell," it adds.

The final episode of Crossfire is set to air on BBC One tonight (22 September), though the episodes will remain on iPlayer for 11 months, meaning there's plenty of time to get stuck into the holiday from hell.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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