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What is Ben Elton’s Net Worth in 2022?

What is Ben Elton’s Net Worth in 2022?

Ben Elton is a man of many talents, gaining success as a comedian, author, actor, director, and playwright. So what is his net worth now?

Ben Elton is a man of many talents, gaining success as a comedian, author, actor, director, and playwright. He has had a long and triumphant career, being best known for his work on the 1980s sitcoms Blackadder and The Young Ones

His most recent work, creating the 2016 sitcom Upstart Crow which was then developed into a stage play, has just been called to make a return after a break during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

So at 63 years of age and after all these achievements, how much is Ben worth now?

What is Ben Elton’s Net Worth? 

As of 2022 Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Ben Elton’s net worth is around £3 Million ($3.7 Million), after accumulating salaries from his many different business ventures. He has not only written multiple musicals, plays, sitcoms and worked as a stand up comedian, but he has also published a total of 17 books! 

Elton was born in May 1959 in Fitzrovia, London. First initially working on television appearing as a stand-up performer on the BBC 1 youth and music programme, Oxford Road Show. His first big TV success then came at 23 when he was the co-writer of the television sitcom, The Young Ones (1982), in which he also occasionally also appeared in. Since then he has worked as a writer for other television series such as Alfresco, Happy Families and Blackadder.

On top of this and his novels, Elton has also written musicals, with his most notable ones being We Will Rock You in 2002 and Love Never Dies in 2010, which served as a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. Elton’s adapted sitcom, Upstart Crow is once again hitting West End theaters this year following its great reception in 2020, which again will bring in a nice amount of income for the multi-talented Ben Elton.

Ben Elton hasn't spoken much outwardly over the years about his salary, but instead he believes it is important to try and work on what you love, having been quoted saying; ‘There are a lot of things I could have done for the money, but I've made a great living doing the things I want to do’. 

Elton lives comfortably off his earnings with his wife Sophie, owning two houses, one in North Fremantle, Western Australia and the other in East Sussex, England.

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