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Eagle-Eyed BGT Viewers ‘Expose’ Witch By Spotting Identity After Creepy Stunt

Eagle-Eyed BGT Viewers ‘Expose’ Witch By Spotting Identity After Creepy Stunt

Britain's Got Talent viewers are sure they've worked out who the Witch is under that mask

Britain's Got Talent act 'The Witch' left viewers and judges horrified and impressed in equal measure after they performed a spectacular magic trick this weekend.

Suddenly appearing on stage, The Witch offered judges David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden a bite from a selection of apples, only to reveal at the end that the one they didn't bite was full of real life creepy crawlies before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The act was good enough to get set through to the next round of the nationwide talent show, but viewers have been left scratching their heads as to just who is behind the gruesome mask of The Witch.

The real identity of The Witch is meant to be a secret considering they are wearing a scary mask and putting on a creepy voice, or at least we hope they are.

Now, according to the Daily Mirror, some eagle-eyed BGT viewers think they have been able to expose the identity of The Witch after their impressively creepy stunt.

BGT viewers took to Twitter to pose theories about just who lay beneath the mask of The Witch, and one popular suggestion was that it was one of presenting duo Ant or Dec under there.

Some viewers thought The Witch looked like one of the duo's undercover disguises from their popular pranks played on fellow celebrities and the public.

However, fans weren't sure which one of the two would be behind the mask, with one writing that the Witch looked like 'Dec in disguise' while another said they 'looked like Ant on an undercover'.

That would have to involve some clever camera trickery as at one point during the act the camera cuts off to the side stage to get a reaction from Ant and Dec, though misdirecting the audience is a key part of any good magic act.

The Witch is not the first BGT contestant to hide their identity and bring the judges in as part of their act.

Another recent entrant known as 'The Phantom' performed an act where they appeared not to be on stage at all, but managed to play tricks on stage and reveal they went backstage and stole David Walliams' house keys.

Luckily the theft was all part of the act and they were returned once the trick was done.

While viewers can guess at the identity of The Witch, it is likely we will just have to wait until they get further into the competition to learn more clues as to who is really behind the mask.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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