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Big Brother Set To Return To TV With A Major Change

Big Brother Set To Return To TV With A Major Change

Famous reality TV show Big Brother could be coming back to our screens with a major change being discussed

Iconic reality TV show Big Brother is reportedly set to return to our screens next year with a 'big change' after spending five years off the air.

Originally hosted by Davina McCall, Big Brother was a huge hit for Channel 4 when it first launched in 2000 where it ran until 2010 before being picked up by Channel 5 for a further run until 2018.

Following the format of sticking a bunch of strangers in a house together, filming the whole thing and letting the public vote them out one by one with the last one left collecting a cash prize, it quickly became a regular fixture on TV.

The show was originally a huge hit for Channel 4.

Now it could be on the way back as The Sun reports that it's returning for modern audiences who enjoy plenty of reality TV shows like Love Island, with the paper quoting a source who claims talks over the show's return were in an 'early and delicate' stage with ITV.

If all goes well in the next few weeks then Big Brother will reportedly be announced to be making a 2023 comeback.

The Daily Mirror reports that there are claims that tapping into the Love Island audience will help the show win over a 'legion of younger fans' and cement itself as a reality TV show staple among the newer reality programmes which followed the trail blazed by Big Brother.

The original run of the show gave British TV plenty of iconic moments and several faces who are now familiar on our screens, with TV presenters Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson owing their claims to fame to their appearances on the show.

The show was so popular that it spawned a spin-off, Celebrity Big Brother, which ran from 2001 to 2018.

ITV declined to comment on the show's return.

Featured Image Credit: C4

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