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Horrified Britain's Got Talent Viewers React As Contestant’s Dangerous Stunts Leave Him Bleeding On Stage

Horrified Britain's Got Talent Viewers React As Contestant’s Dangerous Stunts Leave Him Bleeding On Stage

The judges couldn't believe what they were seeing

Britain's Got Talent fans were stunned after one of the contestants was left with a huge gash across their head. Watch the chaos for yourself:

JD Anderson took to the stage this weekend to impress the judges with a demonstration of his incredible strength.

During his routine, the 'iceman' wowed Simon Cowell et al by snapping a baseball bat in half and bending a metal hammer.

He then took things up a notch and started ramming through thick blocks of ice with his head. Yikes.

However, fans in the audience became visibly concerned as the blocks of ice got thicker and thicker with each attempt.

And by the end, Anderson was left with a huge cut to his head and blood pouring down his face.

Following the routine, judge David Walliams asked: "You're bleeding a bit from your head… are you OK?"

Shrugging it off, Anderson replied: "I don't feel it, I'm just happy to be here."

JD Anderson suffered a cut to his head following his stunt.

However, people watching back at home were horrified and extremely concerned for his safety.

Writing on Twitter, one fans said: "He's gonna have a headache for the next two weeks."

Echoing the concern, another chipped in: "I hate these sort of acts. He’s like actually bleeding! I don’t want to see drowning magicians and I don’t want to see head butting walls of ice."

A third said: "Oh my goodness, he's bleeding , hitting that ice has gotta hurt….ouch."

While another added: "Sorry putting JD the strong man act through is feckin irresponsible."

Speaking to the Sun, one viewer said: "You expect weird acts but this guy was smashing ice on his head.

Ant and Dec were stunned.

"Amanda was ­visibly wincing each time the blocks of ice got bigger but Simon appeared to be loving it.

"It ended with JD running into a giant block of ice and smashing it up, causing the audience to gasp.

"It soon became clear he was in pain and blood could be seen coming out of his head.

"Medics obviously had to intervene, making sure that he was OK and hadn’t given himself a concussion.

"It looked like it hurt but there was no ­lasting harm done."

LADbible has contacted ITV for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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