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Brooklyn Beckham Criticised For '$100,000' 8-Minute Food Show

Brooklyn Beckham Criticised For '$100,000' 8-Minute Food Show

The 22-year-old recently embarked on a cooking career

Brooklyn Beckham has come in for quite a bit of stick over his new cooking show. Have a look at it for yourself:

The 22-year-old, whose dad is ex-England captain David Beckham and mum is former popster Victoria, recently set upon his new career as a chef, launching his own series on Instagram, called Cookin' With Brooklyn.

The basic premise is that he visits some of his favourite haunts and speaks to the chefs before having a go himself at their style of cooking.

His latest episode saw him pay a visit to the Yeastie Boys, which is a well-known bagel truck in Los Angeles, and reportedly had a crew of 62 people and cost a whopping $100,000 to make.

During the episode, Brooklyn creates his own sandwich, aptly named 'The Brooklyn Special', which he says is his take on the English fish and chips.

Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

It basically consists of fish, coleslaw and a hash brown. So yeah, not exactly pushing any culinary boundaries, but seems tasty enough.

According to an insider, Brooklyn had five camera operators on hand, as well as nine producers, including a 'culinary producer' who approves the recipes, and each episode costs six figures to make.

The source told the Daily Mail: "It's unheard of. It's the sort of crewing you would expect on a big TV show."

Brooklyn has also been slated for his inexperience in the kitchen, which people have said was evident in his lack of knowledge in the latest video.

During one segment, he asks the Yeastie Boys chefs how they know when a hash brown or a piece of fish is cooked.

Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

Describing the use of coleslaw in the sandwich, he explains: "Coleslaw gives sandwiches a different texture, like a crunchy texture."

Commenting on the post, one user said: "Wow from a steak to a bagel this must of really tested your skills!"

The insider added: "He is to cooking what [his mother] Posh was to singing.

"Apparently, the guy has to be shown really super basic things and has a cheat sheet of expressions from whisk to parboil, several illustrated with pictures."

This isn't the first time Brooklyn has been criticised for his new career path, though.

Last year, people slammed his apparent lack of skill following an appearances on The Today Show, during which he cooked an English breakfast sandwich, a recipe he 'learned from his great-grandma'. 

Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

And earlier this year, he was a guest on James Corden's Late Show, where he prepared a steak.

Following the appearance, Brooklyn posted a photo to his Instagram account, thanking the Gavin and Stacey star for having him.

Commenting on the post, his partner Nicola Peltz said she was 'proud' of him.

To which one user replied: "Proud of what exactly?? He’s achieved nothing in life. Get a real job and make a difference, like he’s parents did."

Another chimed in: "Proud .. why? He cooked a steak with a knob of garlic butter pmsl."

Not everyone has been so critical, though, some have enjoyed his new venture.

One fan said: Great show. "Very honest, real and friendly. Looking forward for the next episode. Keep on!"

While another added: "I love watching this show and I can’t wait for the next episode."

LADbible has contacted Brooklyn Beckham's representatives for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

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