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Brooklyn Beckham trolled for grilled cheese sandwich tutorial

Brooklyn Beckham trolled for grilled cheese sandwich tutorial

The foodie is once again being called out for his cooking videos

Brooklyn Beckham has come under fire once again for a grilled cheese sandwich tutorial that has seemingly proved to be quite controversial online.

The 24-year-old foodie has just uploaded his latest cooking video, chronicling his take on the beloved American classic and it's definitely not a traditional approach.

Heads up - there's a blow torch involved.

Brooklyn took to Instagram yesterday to share his alternative rendition of a grilled cheese.

While for many of us a grilled cheese sandwich includes two slabs of bread, cheese and a knob of butter if you're feeling fancy - Brooklyn used a whole array of different ingredients (eight to be exact) and one particularly odd utensil.

Brooklyn Beckham has been trolled for his grilled cheese sandwich tutorial.

Complete with sautéed mushrooms and onions, avocado oil and even truffle salt - this sarnie was definitely not your bog-standard jobby.

He captioned the tutorial: "Lunch today! Avocado oil and mayo are the secrets to a crispy and delicious grilled cheese."

The Instagram chef began by slicing up the onion and whacking it in a hot pan alongside the mushrooms.

He then seasons the veggies with the boujie salt and pepper before spreading a dollop of mayonnaise on two slices of white bread.

Brooklyn then fries off the bread and starts compiling the sando and tops it off with a decent portion of cheese slices.

The grilled cheese involved truffle salt and a blow torch.

The star then cut the grilled cheese in half, straight down the middle, before finishing off the delicacy with a few goings over with a blow torch.


Uploaded less than 24 hours ago now, the short clip has since received dozens of thousands of views with hundreds eager to weigh in on the sandwich tutorial.

One Instagram user slammed Brooklyn's butty, commenting: "So extra for a sandwich."

"It is no longer a grilled cheese buddy," echoed a second.

Another even went as far to ask Brooklyn: "Who taught you cooking?" and a fourth added: "Please tell me this is satire."

"So extra for a sandwich."

"Bro what did you do," asked another, "aha tbh that looks terrible."

Some clearly found issue with the fiery element with one particularly unimpressed viewer noting: "Wow. You blowtorched the bread. So unnecessary."

Others, however, seemed to be more pressed with the meal's presentation more than anything. Namely - the way the foodie chose to slice the sandwich.

"Cannot believe this wasn’t cut diagonally," penned one Instagram user while another continued: "Dude the cut killed me. Diagonal is the only option."

Would definitely still scran though.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/BrooklynBeckham

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