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People confused by Brooklyn Beckham's response when TikToker asks him what he does for a living

People confused by Brooklyn Beckham's response when TikToker asks him what he does for a living

The 23-year-old was stopped while driving a McLaren P1

TikTok users can't get over the answer Brooklyn Beckham gave when he was approached with a camera and asked what he did for a living.

We all know Brooklyn Beckham, right? He's worked as a model and photographer, and is famously the son of English footballer David Beckham?

Well, apparently the 23-year-old has another job many people weren't aware of, as revealed in a video shared by TikToker Daniel Mac yesterday (15 August).

In the clip, Mac can be seen approaching a red McLaren P1 with Beckham sitting in the driver's seat.

The 23-year-old quickly recognised the TikToker from his videos, many of which see him approaching people to ask what they do for a living.

Mac has received a range of answers over the years, and most of the time viewers accept the job roles with little resistance. That's definitely not what happened with Beckham, though.

When asked what he did for a living, the 23-year-old replied, "I'm a chef."

Beckham went on to expand on this answer, saying he was 'trying to be' the best chef in the world and advising those who want to get into cooking to 'follow your passion' and make whatever 'makes you happy'.

He then gave a thumbs up to Mac and zoomed off down the road in his car, which is worth an estimated $1.2 million (£995,700).

The video would be all well and good, if it weren't for the fact that many members of the public previously had no idea Beckham considered himself a chef.

He has posted a number of videos of himself cooking online, but evidently a lot of people believed it to be more of a hobby than a career.

Responding to the clip, one TikTok user wrote: "Not him pretending being a chef got him that car….. Brooklyn, please."

Another commented: "I’m a chef. Okay Mr Beckham"

A third TikToker even went as far to try and catch Beckham out, responding: "Went to this 'chef's' TikTok page and he has one video making pasta sauce from a jar."

Many viewers responded to claim Beckham's money more likely came from being born to parents David and Victoria, who have a joint net worth of £380m ($458m). Brooklyn also recently married wife Nicola Peltz, who herself has a net worth of around £42m ($50m).

Though the 23-year-old was mocked for his comment, he has previously told Variety he had discovered cooking was a hobby he would 'literally die for'.

He now fills his time with culinary projects, including a Bolognese which takes him seven hours to prepare and involves a whole bottle of wine.

“I’m going to go to the grocery store. I’m weird like that — I love going to smell different herbs," he said.

At the ripe old age of 23, Beckham added: "I found what I absolutely love to do a little later in my life, but I absolutely love it.”

At least he found his passion in the end.

Featured Image Credit: @itsdanielmac/TikTok

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