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Confused American explains why she started Brits Chinese takeaway debate

Confused American explains why she started Brits Chinese takeaway debate

An American was left baffled after coming across videos of Brits unboxing their takeaways

If you've been on the internet at all recently, chances are you'll have seen a lot of Brits staunchly defending a very important part of British culture. No - not the royal family. Chinese food.

It all started when Brits showed off their epic takeaway orders on TikTok and caught the attention of some curious Americans. This sparked two debates - one about why we sometimes call it 'a Chinese', and another about the food itself.

Brits will know that our Chinese dishes include a lot of prawn toasts, ribs, sweet and sour chicken, crispy chilli beef and even curry sauce, and sure, it might not always be the most authentic, but it sure is delicious.

TikTok users have been showing off their orders online, with one video showing a user explaining that she had 'got a Chinese tonight' because she'd been 'craving' the cuisine.

This kind of post caught the attention of American TikToker Soogia, who questioned the term 'a Chinese'.

"I find it so strange that they all call it 'a Chinese'," Soogia said, noting that the phrase reminded her of the prompt, 'tell me something that isn't racist but that feels racist'.

Her video prompted many Brits to assure that such phrases are attached to all kinds of cuisine, with one writing: "Yes as British person I can confirm we do say 'lets go for an Italian' or 'I fancy some Mexican' etc it isn't just Chinese food!"

Soogia pointed out the differences in terminology between the US and England.

Another hit back at American terminology, saying: "You call horse riding horseback riding. And tuna tunafish as if those needed more explanation. We shorten it."

Soogia has since posted another video to explain why she started the conversation in the first place, and used the opportunity to apologise to other creators who had been hit with backlash after she suggested the phrase 'a Chinese' seemed racist.

"I am sorry for the negativity that this brought to your pages. Please know I made every effort to prevent it. I was sincerely trying to understand," Soogia said.

The TikToker explained that Brits typically use the term after dropping the word 'takeaway' from the end of it - as in, 'a Chinese takeaway'.

In comparison, similar terms have been known to be used in the US to refer to people in instances where the speaker is trying to 'strip that person of their humanity', and reduce them to 'their race or ethnicity'.

Some Americans were baffled about the Chinese food options for Brits.

Soogia explained that's why she posted the video in the first place, saying: "That's why when I hear 'a Chinese' referred to in that way, it hits my ear different and it gives me pause. That's all I was saying. I never said it was racist... it just sounds like it's racist to me...

"Those of you who hate me for asking the question and think I'm a piece of sh*t for asking the question, that's totally fine, but I feel like you would have looked for a reason to hate me anyway," she added.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @soogia1

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