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What Does Casa Amor Mean In English?

What Does Casa Amor Mean In English?

We are now four weeks into Love Island season 8 - the magic number for fans who are already anticipating what’s around the corner

We are now four weeks into Love Island season 8, the magic number for fans of previous seasons who are already anticipating what’s around the corner.

Casa Amor is the biggest relationship test of the show, and is renowned for throwing a spanner in the works for couples who fans think are completely stable.

The challenge, which sees the boys and girls separated into two different villas, to be tempted by a new group of sexy singles, has been attributed as the biggest turning point in Love Island

Last season’s winners, Millie Court and Liam Reardon, even went on a temporary break after he secretly charmed Casa Amor bombshell Lillie Haynes and returned to the villa as if nothing ever happened.

In previous seasons, Casa Amor has come into effect after four weeks of the show airing, giving the islanders enough time to form a somewhat meaningful connection that can be threatened by not one but a whole lineup of gorgeous new contestants away from their other halves.

The challenge typically lasts around four days, but can be stretched out over a full week to accommodate for all the chaos and drama that ensues.

But, all drama aside, why is the challenge even called Casa Amor in the first place?

What Does Casa Amor Mean In English?

Casa Amor, when translated from Spanish into English, actually means ‘Love House’.

The challenge is aptly named to apply to both outcomes of Casa Amor itself - the infamous stick or twist.

It is essentially a place of testing love and finding love, with each islander having to choose between the person they’re already coupled up with and the new contestants they’ve been getting to know in Casa Amor.

Most of the time too, there is no telling how Casa Amor will go down, as even the most stable of couples have split over the challenge.

So, although Casa Amor has become a byword for drama and has earned itself a pot-stirring reputation, its meaning is a little more romantic and thoughtful than you might think! Not to mention it’s completely on theme considering the show’s glamorous location in Mallorca.

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