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David Attenborough Is Turning His Hand To DJing And 2016 Is Saved

David Attenborough Is Turning His Hand To DJing And 2016 Is Saved

By now, the whole world and its nan knows how much we here at TheLADbible love David Attenborough. He's the best man alive. However, this new piece of information is bound to grow his legion of fans exponentially.

This Christmas, Sir Dave will present his own show on BBC Radio 3 in a one-off stint in radio music.

Hopefully, he'll rename himself as DJ @ N Bruh or DJ PHATenborough for the occasion - but we live in hope.


Sir Dave told the Telegraph that he is 'delighted' audiences will hear the tracks that he's been recording since 1954.

Listeners will be treated to 'songs from Borneo longhouses, drumming in Sierra Leone, gamelan music in Java, Aboriginal didgeridoo players, palace music from Tonga and the singing of young men carrying the film crew's bags in New Guinea'.

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However, we reckon that there's a few others that he should include. Such as:

  • Michael Jackson - Earth Song
  • The Kinks - Apeman
  • Anything by Gorillaz/The Monkees
  • The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
  • Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
  • Movies - Alien Ant Farm
  • Kool and the Gang - Jungle Boogie

Our Dave said: "I'm delighted that the music I recorded, all over the world, half a century ago, is coming to light at last.

"I'm enjoying listening to it very much and I hope the Radio 3 audience will enjoy it, too - and the stories of how I met the players and singers who shared with me their fascinating and wonderful music."

If you play it Dave, we'll listen.

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