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​Ed Sheeran Tattooed Saoirse Ronan’s Handwriting Onto Himself

​Ed Sheeran Tattooed Saoirse Ronan’s Handwriting Onto Himself

Ed may have a lot of tattoos - but there's one that was inspired by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Ed Sheeran has sure got a lot of tats, including a giant lion on his chest, 'Ladz on tour' on his shoulder and a green gecko gracing his forearm. But there's one that is a bit different - with the ginger songster once choosing to tattoo Saoirse Ronan's handwriting onto himself. Check out the tattoo...

Not exactly a great tattoo, is it? But the story behind it is pretty funny, as the Irish actress explained when she appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside fellow guests Rob Beckett, Debra Messing and Eric McCormack.

"He's huge everywhere, but he's beloved in Ireland," Saoirse explained, as she talked through the video for Sheeran's 'Galway Girl' song in which her handwritten tattoo features.

"He got that really tattooed?" Graham asked.

"He did, yeah," Saoirse replied - looking pretty proud of her handiwork. "That's my handwriting."

As Saoirse talks of practising for half-an-hour beforehand, Debra Messing cuts in, asking: "And that's what you came up with!?"

The group then joke about how, even if it's a bit crap, it's not as bad as the one above - which is almost impossible to see because it's so faded, before also chewing the fact over the fact that Saorsie's handwritten tat is actually misspelt.


In any other context, someone getting a tattoo of your handwriting would probably mean they've got a stonking great crush on you - but, of course, Sheeran's heart belongs to another, having recently got engaged to long-term girlfriend and childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn.

At first, the couple's relationship was a big secret, but the cat was out of the bag when they were pictured kissing at a party thrown by Taylor Swift to celebrate their one-year anniversary since getting together. I mean, of course.


Plus, it's also not the first time Ed decided to opt for a celeb collaboration for a tattoo, either. A few years back, he also teamed up with US singer John Mayer on The Late Late Show for some unique inking.

On the programme, Mayer and Sheeran had to design tattoos for each other, and wouldn't see the design until the end of the show.

You'd have thought there would be spunking penises all round, but the two men were actually a little more creative - and kind to their mate - with Mayer tattooing the words 'kool guy' on Sheeran's right arm, while Sheeran went for a cat head on Mayer's upper chest.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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