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Actress Hits Back At Blackmailer By Sharing Topless Photo Of Herself

Actress Hits Back At Blackmailer By Sharing Topless Photo Of Herself

Mexican actress, singer and presenter Ninel Conde bravely shared a topless photo of herself before her blackmailer had the chance to do so

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

When Mexican actress, singer and presenter Ninel Conde found herself being cruelly blackmailed by someone threatening to share a topless photo of her, she did something pretty brave - by leaking it herself.

Conde is well-known in Mexico, where she stars in soap operas and presents various TV shows. She's also appeared in the Mexican version of Celebrity Big Brother.

The mum-of-two was contacted by an anonymous blackmailer, who demanded money or else they would release a topless photo of Conde online.

"Hey, Ninel, how much for not uploading your picture?" the blackmailer had asked her in a message, along with a copy of the photo.

But rather than bowing to the blackmailer's demands, the 47-year-old decided to take things into her own hands, sharing the photo herself before they got the chance.

She took to social media to reveal the image to her 1.67 million followers, adding a powerful caption.

CEN / Ninel Conde

She said: "Say NO to blackmail. Here I post this before those who want to keep on earning money with the pic of a public person.

"There is nothing bad in the picture, done as a reference for my nutritionist. Here I post it first!"

She claimed in the post that she had taken the photo as a reference for her nutritionist.

While some people crudely joked that they were her nutritionist, and that they needed to be sent a copy of the photo, most were quick to praise her bold move.

Roberto said: "Congratulations to this brave woman, an example for all those who are under pressure of extortion."

Kris said: "Bravo, a round of applause for your courage".

The Internet can feel like a pretty bleak place to hang out. Sometimes it seems everyone is constantly absolutely livid with each other, nobody has anything nice to say, and people are forever just trying to catch each other out for one thing or the next.

So, when something genuinely good happens it can sometimes get lost in all of the hate and fury.

Good on ya, Ninel. This should be a lesson to anyone who gets caught in this situation - people who try to blackmail others in this way are sick bastards. It's not always celebrities at their mercy either.

Luckily in the UK it has been illegal to share intimate images of anyone online without their consent since 2015 - hopefully in years to come, others like Ninel won't need to take this course of action against people trying to blackmail them.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Ninel Conde / CEN

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