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'Godfather of rough sex' hits back at viewers 'sickened' by x-rated Netflix series

'Godfather of rough sex' hits back at viewers 'sickened' by x-rated Netflix series

Rocco Siffredi is unapologetic for his life following the release of Supersex

Rocco Siffredi has hit back at viewers claiming they were 'sickened' by a new x-rated series about his life.

The seven-part drama Supersex landed on Netflix recently. Check out the raunchy trailer:

The show delves into Rocco's childhood and career in porn, going back to his early years in a tiny Italian town, following him all the way to the bright lights of the LA porn sets.

As soon as the trailer dropped earlier this year, people were quick to express their outrage, taking to social media to call out the streaming giant for picking it up.

And now that it's finally hit our screens, there are still plenty who've not exactly enjoyed the taste it's left in their mouths.

One disgusted viewer commented: "Are we just making porn mainstream now? It's pretty sickening that there is no warning on explicit content like this.

"Yet women who post a picture breastfeeding are flagged. This should be a separate category on Netflix if you want to put stuff like this out."

Supersex has left a bad taste in some people's mouths.

Speaking to LADbible about his life and the dramatised series, the 'godfather of rough sex' says he feels sad for people who've come out and criticised it and, as such, him.

"I'm sorry for them," he tells us. "I didn't choose what they like to live, I choose what I like to live, I don't criticise anybody my life.

"You know, there is one thing I don't do in my life, it's to criticise how people live.

"There is only one thing comes for me: don't do to the people what you wouldn't want done to yourself."

But this isn't the first time Rocco has found himself at the centre of some controversy.

It's safe to say his style of porn isn't for everyone, with some arguing that the violence he displays, spitting on and slapping his fellow performers, simulating rape scenes, have had a detrimental impact on young men and their relationships with women.

However, the retired pornstar, who now runs his own academy, denies any responsibility.

"To me, porn is experimental sex that should be done with the right people," he says.

"That means people who want to live this experience. Unfortunately, sometimes, people see my scenes and try to replicate them with girls; they say, 'This style is incredible, this guy is famous, I need to do Rocco style'.

"If you have an idiot who replicates you, who thinks it's enough to slap the face of the girl or spit or be rude, or be violent, and that means it's sexy, then that's the main problem."

He adds: "There are only a few people who know what rough sex means, only a few people in the world of pornography."

Supersex is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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