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Jeff Bezos' Girlfriend's Reaction To Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio Is Cracking People Up

Jeff Bezos' Girlfriend's Reaction To Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio Is Cracking People Up

The video emerged showing the trio having a chat, although it seemed like Bezos' girlfriend Lauren Sanchez was a little more invested.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

People have been cracking up over a video showing Jeff Bezos' girlfriend Lauren Sanchez chatting with Leonardo DiCaprio. Watch the clip here:

The short video shows what can only be described as a fangirl moment as Lauren looked up at Leo admiringly while Bezos seemed almost uninterested.

The trio bumped into each other at the 10th Annual Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Art and Film Gala Presented By Gucci.

Bezos, founder and former executive chairman of Amazon, probably has nothing to be too concerned about given that he's the richest man on the planet with a net worth of $177 billion.


After the video started doing the rounds on social media, people were cracking up at Lauren's reaction to who seems to be her idol.

At one stage she's staring up into Leo's eyes as he speaks to her (and Jeff, we assume, but Lauren might have forgotten he was there) before he starts waving his finger in their face and looks like he's making his exit.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "Find somebody who looks at you the way Jeff Bezos' gf looks at Leonardo DiCaprio."

Another added: "When u got literal billions but ur not Leonardo DiCaprio."


A third joked: "Leo about to lose his Prime membership."

And someone else - who's looking into things a little too much, wrote: "That's not about money, alpha or beta. That's just about woman's perpetual insatisfaction. Their ego desire everything they don't have and despise everything they have. Give her DiCaprio she will crave to seduce Brad Pitt."

These people know that someone can simply appreciate another person and that ok, don't they?

Others completely understood Lauren's reaction, with one saying: "I mean i don't blame's Leo."

Another simply said: "I understand her," while someone added: "I get her. That's literally Leonardo DiCaprio."

Newscom/Alamy Stock Photo

Taking to Instagram afterwards Lauren tagged Leo, writing: "Beautiful evening last night at the @LACMA Art + Film Gala hosted by the amazing @1evachow and @leonardodicaprio."

She went on to add: "An amazing event that will benefit important museum initiatives, exhibitions, and programming for years to come."

But the caption was accompanied by a picture of her with Jeff Bezos so we're sure they're doing just fine.

Featured Image Credit: Newscom/Alamy Stock Photo

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