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Celebrity Masterchef contestant Adam Pearson issues sarcastic apology after appearing on show

Celebrity Masterchef contestant Adam Pearson issues sarcastic apology after appearing on show

Adam Pearson make a joking apology after he was eliminated from Celebrity MasterChef

Celebrity MasterChef contestant Adam Pearson delivered a tongue-in-cheek ‘apology’ to his fans after his performance on the show saw him eliminated. As you can see from the video below, he's obviously being totally sincere.

Pearson, a TV presenter and disabilities campaigner, was starring on the BBC show alongside Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas, Strictly Come Dancing professional Katya Jones, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Kitty Scott Claus, and DJ Lisa Snowdon.

In the end, Adam was booted from the cooking contest because he made a mess of the chicken in a jambalaya that he was cooking, leading to the sarcastic apology to his fans for his performance.

In the video, Pearson – who has been a strong advocate for those with disabilities and was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 at the age of five – said: “I know. I’m sorry, I know.

“You don’t have to tweet me, you don’t have to tell me, you don’t have to call me – I know.

“All my WhatsApp has been is disappointment from family. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

“Again, to reiterate, I know and I’m sorry.”

Pearson issued the apology after being eliminated.

Of course, he’s got nothing to be sorry for, it’s only a TV cookery show, after all. Obviously, he already knows that though.

Pearson captioned the video: “So after tonight’s @MasterChefUK performance I feel the obligatory ‘celebrity’ apology is merited. I let you down, me down and let us down.

“I hope that, in time, you can ALL forgive me and let me return, stronger than ever. I take FULL accountability, I own this, Yours, Adam.”

After all was said and done, fans were pretty amused with his fake apology, mimicking the style in which many celebrities have been forced to apologise for their transgressions in recent times.

Eventually, he clarified his position on the whole thing, responding to a post about him being a ‘fab contestant’ by writing: “Sarcasm, one of the many skills I offer.”

Before his appearance on the programme, the 37-year-old had praised the producers for not ‘pigeon-holing’ disabled contestants, speaking of how he ‘relished’ the challenge presented by the show.

He told Metro: “It’s that thing of upskilling. Any situation I can put myself in where I can meet new people and learn a new skill is an opportunity that I always relish.

“Often with minority talent, and particularly disabled talent, they get pigeonholed into only doing – massive air quotes here – disability things."

The presenter said that he 'relished' the opportunity to appear on the show.

“I’ve got no idea what disability things are, so if someone could let me know and I could start doing them, that would be great!

“But no, it was something that existed outside of that realm, and it seemed like a real opportunity to sort of step out of that bubble.

“I think diversity works at its best when you see disabled people alongside non-disabled people doing the same thing and interacting on the same playing field.”

Celebrity MasterChef continues on BBC One this Thursday at 8.00pm.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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