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Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl Fights Coffee Addiction In Parody Ad For 'FreshPotix'

Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl Fights Coffee Addiction In Parody Ad For 'FreshPotix'

Foo Fighters have posted a new parody video featuring frontman Dave Grohl, which sees him attempting to beat his caffeine addiction with the help of a fake substance called 'FreshPotix'.

He describes it as 'a new drug to help coffee addicts like me manage their coffee addiction.'

The video, which was posted the band's YouTube on Wednesday (28 October), begins with Grohl explaining that his crippling addiction to coffee caused tension between him and his Foo Fighter bandmates.

He says in the voiceover: "Ten years ago, I was in the grips of a debilitating caffeine addiction. My ability to maintain personal relationships and solid bowel movements were compromised by crippling sleep deprivation and noxious coffee breath."


As we see him snorting and smoking ground coffee, and even eating it in a sandwich, he continues: "As the bean took over, I found myself doing anything for a fix. My roast grew darker and darker until I finally hit pot bottom. I couldn't be there for the ones I love when they needed me the most."

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Grohl then goes on to promote imaginary drug 'FreshPotix' in the style of American prescription drug adverts while outlining its side-effects.

These apparently include (deep breath): "Severe monkey peen, violent fits of rage towards left-handed people, extra toe, urge to found your own colony, bald ass, Cyrusvirus (your voice changes to that of Billy Ray or Miley), stomach tail, peptic waltzing, stool entirely made of corn (just a cob), oxford commas, weeping taint, echola, nose chickens, uncontrollable tattling, back fro, plaid lung, acid washed jeans, tinselscrote (breakout of Chistmas tree tinsel on balls), and Pauly Shore."


The skit comes a decade after the band uploaded a video titled 'Dave Grohl in FRESH POTS!' to YouTube, which has since racked up a whopping 7 million views.

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