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Ryan Reynolds Responds To Tweet Claiming 'Female Hugh Jackman' Looks Like His Wife

Ryan Reynolds Responds To Tweet Claiming 'Female Hugh Jackman' Looks Like His Wife

Imagine you're going out with someone and you're really into them. So much so that you end up married with children (nothing like good ol' commitment) - and then someone points out that the love of your life is actually the spitting image of one of your best pals... or at least, if your pal was a different gender.

Could be a bit of a potential mood killer, maybe?


Well, according to BUZZNET, a female version of Hugh Jackman 'kinda looks like' Blake Lively, also known as Ryan Reynolds' other half...

And just when people might have been thinking 'uttttt-ohhhh' (not that there's anything wrong with the female version of Hugh Jackman, btw), Reynolds himself responded to the tweet, thanking them for pointing it out.

It seemed kinda sarcastic, as do most things that leave his mouth... well, or his smartphone, at any rate.


And people couldn't help but poke fun at the fact that Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have some sort of running feud/megabantz and maybe that's why this is such a kick in the dick.

One said: "When Hugh Jackman is your rival and your wife," another added: "Explains his infatuation with Hugh Jackman I guess."

A third commented: "That'll make spooning Hugh Jackman all that bit easier"

We're sure (well, hoping) that Hugh is going to come back with something devastatingly sly, as the pair usually do when the piss is taken out of one of them.

Back in December, Reynolds fell victim to the simple-yet-brilliant 'it's a themed party' prank. Spoiler alert, there was no theme whatsoever.

Everything started back when Reynolds trolled Hugh's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, showing it isn't only Jackman or indeed the Deadpool actor's own wife who suffers his sick burns on a regular basis.

Jackman was posting a message to commemorate their 22nd anniversary. It was beautiful, he spoke about how Deborra-Lee and their children are the 'greatest gift'. Awww. This might have brought a tear to your eye.

Well, that should have dried once you see that Reynolds ruined the mood by tweeting in response: "I gave this 3 months. Tops. I was wrong."

Jackman started to get his own back in November and that was pretty brutal as well.

He was out walking his French bulldog, Dali, in New York when the pooch took a toilet break, doing his business on a photo of Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool attire.

Come on now, Hugh, step up the game.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Twitter

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