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​Wrestler Randy Orton Accused Of Pulling Out His D*** In Front Of WWE Writers

​Wrestler Randy Orton Accused Of Pulling Out His D*** In Front Of WWE Writers

Professional wrestler Randy Orton has been accused of exposing himself to WWE writers and sexually harassing them, Ringside News reports.

WWE writer Court Bauer claimed that Orton would 'pull out his dick' and touch himself in front of new writers.


The claims were actually made when Bauer was speaking on an old MLW podcast, but the conversation has resurfaced after a Reddit user posted it online.

Bauer said: "For every new writer that would show up, he [would] come in the room put his hand down his pants, pull out his dick, touch himself, then say, 'I'm Randy Orton, shake my hand... Oh, you don't want to shake my hand? You're 'big leaguing' me? That's fucked up man. Should I tell Vince and Steph you won't shake Randy Orton's hand?'"

Bauer was apparently 'lucky', claiming Orton did it to him on the first day he was with the company, but just as he was about to pull his penis out, Stephanie McMahon walked in. Bauer said it was as if a teacher was entering the classroom.

When asked if he would have shaken his hand had McMahon not walked in, Bauer said: "I don't know. I'm a bit of a germaphobe."


This was also apparently something that Orton did throughout Bauer's entire time at WWE - leaving Bauer surprised that the wrestler never faced a sexual harassment complaint.

Bauer confirmed that he did, indeed, make these accusations against Orton, after someone tweeted him the transcript of the interview and asked him if it had happened.

WWE has issued a statement, saying: "WWE is looking into the matter."

Thirty-eight-year-old Orton is a professional wrestler signed to WWE. He began his career back in 2000, following a short stint in a military prison for desertion and disobeying an order from a commanding officer.

He originally had a United States Marine Corps tattoo on his left arm but he covered it up after his bad conduct discharge.

After becoming the youngest ever world heavyweight champion in 2004 at the age of 24, he went on to win the WWE Championship nine times, plus the Intercontinental Championship, Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank battles.

He is known for his signature move, the RKO, which became an Internet hit a few years back, when people started splicing YouTube fail videos with the move, which were then uploaded to Vine.

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