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Adele reveals she collapsed backstage after Las Vegas performance due to painful health battle

Adele reveals she collapsed backstage after Las Vegas performance due to painful health battle

The singer said her production team had to pick her up off the floor.

Adele has reportedly suffered a painful incident following on of her shows in Las Vegas.

The legendary British singer has been wowing crowds in the City of Sin for months during her Weekends With Adele at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

In between her incredible hits, she usually leaves the audience in stitches with her jokes and funny stories.

However, it was no laughing matter following one recent performance of her Vegas residency.

According to The Sun, she told the crowd that she collapsed following a painful sciatica attack and had to be helped back up by her production team.

“They picked my whole body up off the floor," she explained.

According to Health Direct, sciatica is a nerve pain that can cause a burning, stabbing or shooting feeling.

The pain is usually concentrated from your bum down to the back of your leg and can become more intense when you walk, cough, go up stairs or strain on the toilet.

Adele has previously been candid about her battle with the health condition and even told fans in Vegas that she has to sit down during her performance to avoid pain.

Page Six reports she was shooting t-shirts out of a gun during one show when she said: "I’ve got two more, I’ve just got to get over to the other side of the stage.

"I have to waddle these days because I have really bad sciatica."

Adele explained to The Face about how she slipped a disc when she was just 15 years old and that's what started it all.

It happened when she sneezed in bed and it caused an incredible amount of pain.

Things were made worse when she gave birth to her son Angelo via C-section nine years ago.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD

However, when she underwent her huge health transformation, she said it helped improve her core.

"I've been in pain with my back for, like, half of my life, really. It flares up, normally due to stress or from a stupid bit of posture," she told The Face in 2021.

"But where I got my tummy strong, down at the bottom, which I never had before, my back don't play up as much. It means I can do more, I can run around with my kid a little bit more."

She added: "But I like feeling strong, I really do. I love it. I was lifting weights this morning, and I've gone up from what I was doing a couple of weeks ago.

"When I feel that I have the weight of the world – of my world at least – on my shoulders, I can handle it a bit more because I've gone up 10 pounds with my weights. It really was just a metaphor for surviving."

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD.

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