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BAFTA viewers shocked at BBC's ‘disgusting’ question to Andrew Scott which made him ‘visibly uncomfortable’

BAFTA viewers shocked at BBC's ‘disgusting’ question to Andrew Scott which made him ‘visibly uncomfortable’

Viewers weren't happy with one of the questions asked of Andrew Scott at the Baftas

BAFTA viewers were shocked and dismayed at a question asked of All Of Us Strangers star Andrew Scott on the red carpet last night (19 February).

Scott was chatting to the BBC's entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson about Barry Keoghan's film Saltburn.

Watch here:

Paterson first asked Scott about his reaction to that movie's ending dance scene before asking: "There is a lot of talk about prosthetics, how well do you know him?"

If you've not seen Saltburn and don't mind it being spoiled for you, the movie ends with a scene of Keoghan's character dancing naked to 'Murder on the Dancefloor', and really lets it all hang out, so to speak.

Scott had said that he knew Keoghan and answered the question about his opinion about the ending scene.

"Oh jeez, ok well I won't spoil it for anybody but it was great, it was great," he said of Saltburn's ending, but declined to answer the question about whether Keoghan had worn what you might call a prosthetic enhancement.

Andrew Scott walked away from the interview on the BAFTA red carpet.
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

"Too much? Too much," the BBC reporter said as Scott departed, and the clip of the interview has been met with significant backlash online.

One called it 'frankly disgusting' and was shocked that someone could have asked Scott about his BAFTA nominated movie All Of Us Strangers, and instead asked him whether he knew Barry Keoghan well enough to know whether that was his real ding-a-ling at the end of Saltburn.

Someone else wondered 'what line of questioning is this', while another said they should have been talking about Scott's 'truly astonishing' performance.

The question was slammed as 'so rude, so embarrassing' and plenty thought it was not something to be asked, while some wondered whether Scott had been asked the question because he was gay.

Andrew Scott was praised for the way he handled the questions.
Carlo Paloni/BAFTA via Getty Images

"This is actually dreadful. And you can bet that this would not have been asked if Andrew wasn't gay," one wrote.

While others offered solidarity to the actor and said they thought he looked 'uneasy' at being asked questions about whether he'd seen Keoghan's nude scene in Saltburn and about his genitals.

Several thought that Scott was 'an absolute prince for handling this so well' and described the encounter as 'baffling and insulting'.

So many responses were shocked that of all the questions to ask an actor with a film nominated for the BAFTAs, a reporter instead quizzed him on a different movie he wasn't in and asked him about whether he thought another actor's penis was real.

LADbible has contacted the BBC for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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