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Jeremy Clarkson fans ask ‘how many beers he’s had’ after seeing new video of him at Bahrain Grand Prix

Jeremy Clarkson fans ask ‘how many beers he’s had’ after seeing new video of him at Bahrain Grand Prix

The TV star seemed to have made the most of the bar at Bahrain's Grand Prix

Who wouldn't fancy a few beers while watching the Bahrain Grand Prix from the sidelines?

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson didn't deny himself any booze while taking in the action on the race track at the Sakhir International Circuit on Saturday (2 March).

Take a look at this:

The 63-year-old is a huge fan of the motorsport, which kind of makes sense seen as though he has made a living out of being a car crazed TV show host.

He was among the thousands of petrolheads at the first race of the 2024 F1 season in the Middle East and even shared his predictions for the season during a grid-walk interview with Martin Brundle.

Clarkson set tongues wagging on social media after people picked up on something which seemed a bit unusual about him during the chat, as viewers pointed out that his voice sounded different.

And let's face it, he's everywhere we look on telly - so we know full well what the noise coming out of his gob normally sounds like.

Some people reckoned he might have been a bit under the weather, or possibly adapting to the warmer climate - but others reckoned he was simply s**t-faced after downing a few too many drinks.

Jeremy Clarkson waved the black and white chequered flag at the F1.

But if they thought he looked hammered during his brief interview with Brundle, wait until they see the video he uploaded to Instagram as he proudly showed off how he got involved with the Formula 1 fun.

Clarkson simply captioned the comical clip: "I did a thing."

The Grand Tour star was given the huge responsibility of waving the black and white chequered flag, which is often done by celebrities who are in attendance at the Grand Prix.

There's a lot riding on it though, as whoever is given the luxury of standing in for a race official has to ensure that they start their waving with the leading car and continue until the final one has crossed the finish line.

According to the F1: "The black and white chequered flag - waved from above the pit wall - marks the end of any practice session, qualifying session or race, and is waved until all competing cars have reached it."

Some thought Clarkson had consumed one too many beers.

In the video, Clarkson can be heard excitedly uttering: "There's Max Verstappen!" As the 26-year-old star scooped a win for Red Bull and the sound of cars zooming past him filled the air.

At this point, Clarkson was just haphazardly waving the flag and hoping for the best.

Social media users still loved the video though and thought his flag-waving efforts were hilarious.

One said: "How many beers you had today?"

Another laughed: "My guy is drunk and five seconds behind..."

A third joked: "Here we can see Jeremy waving a small flag signalling to the drivers to stop for a jolly pint on this fine Saturday."

Someone else added: "I want to be as drunk as Jeremy is!"

And a fifth chimed in: "Drunk Jezza waving the chequered flag >>>> the whole race."

The combination of beer fear and flag fear is something I'm glad I won't ever have to worry about.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jeremyclarkson1

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