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Jeremy Clarkson's interview with Martin Brundle before Bahrain GP has everyone saying the same thing

Jeremy Clarkson's interview with Martin Brundle before Bahrain GP has everyone saying the same thing

Viewers picked up on something which seemed different about the 63-year-old

You'd reckon that people would be talking about the specs of the cars and which racing driver they reckon will triumph as the Bahrain Grand Prix began, but instead, Jeremy Clarkson was dictating the conversation.

He's pretty decent behind the wheel at high-speeds, but he isn't exactly Formula 1-worthy with his motoring skills.

But The Grand Tour star, 63, has still managed to steal the spotlight at the first race of the 2024 F1 season in the Middle East from the likes of Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Social media has been abuzz about Clarkson since footage of his grid-walk interview with Martin Brundle started doing the rounds, as people picked up on something which seemed different about him.

The chat with the Sky Sports presenter at the Sakhir International Circuit wasn't that salacious to begin with, as various celebrities are always approached ahead of the race to share their predictions.

Clarkson was asked to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming season, as well as who he would put his money on.

People picked up on something different about Clarkson during the quick chat.
Clive Rose/Getty Images

The TV titan responded: "I spent all of today looking at the lap times from last year to this year, and wondering - what have they all been doing over the winter?

"The gaps, by and large, are the same. McLaren have gotten a lot better, they are much closer to Max. It's a strange thing to go from one year to the next, and for so little to have changed."

He was then asked who he thought would win the race and was seen taking a second to stew over his decision before saying: "Adrian Newey."

But it wasn't his praise for Red Bull's chief technical officer - who's behind the creation of the team's championship-winning cars for the last 15 years - which pricked the ears of viewers, even though people were pleased that Clarkson had recognised his work.

The 63-year-old shared his predictions for the season.
Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images

Instead, it was the Top Gear legend's 'unusual' twang which sparked discussion on social media.

One person said: "Is it just me, or does Jeremy Clarkson sound very different?"

Another wrote: "Has something happened to Jeremy Clarkson's voice or has it really been so long since I watched Top Gear that I don't remember what he sounds like?"

A third added: "Does Jeremy Clarkson sound different or am I just crazy?"

And a fourth wrote: "Have not heard Jeremy Clarkson for some time since end of Clarkson's Farm, but what has happened to his voice on @MBrundleF1 grid walk? I hope he’s ok."

Others were more interested in him paying homage to the unsung hero Newey, as one wrote: "Adrian Newey. Clarkson knows what's up."

And another commented: "Jeremy Clarkson saying he's backing Adrian Newey to win is so real."

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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