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People started avoiding Barry Keoghan in the street after brutally traumatising scene aired in Irish gangland series

People started avoiding Barry Keoghan in the street after brutally traumatising scene aired in Irish gangland series

Keoghan's breakout role involved a very controversial scene that haunted him and viewers alike

Barry Keoghan is one of the biggest film stars in the world right now, having just been nominated for an Oscar.

Keoghan is now best known for his roles in Dunkirk, Eternals and, of course, Saltburn.

Apart from starring in films with single-word titles, the Irish actor has been in his fair share of shocking movie scenes in Saltburn alone.

From *that* bathtub scene to the disturbing grave scene and even the final scene where he dances naked around the estate.

But Keoghan made a name for himself on an Irish TV series back in the early 2010s - with one scene causing people to actively avoid him in public:

The series Love/Hate, which aired between 2010 and 2014, focuses on the criminal underworld in Dublin.

Darren Treacy (played by Robert Sheehan) has only just returned to Ireland from Spain when he learns that his ex-girlfriend has moved on and his brother has been shot by a rival gang.

The shooting sparks a war within the community, with Darren and his gang eager for vengeance.

In the incredibly disturbing scene, Wayne (Keoghan) pulls out a gun with his friend and takes a photo with it.

He then threatens to shoot someone but instead pulls the trigger on a passing cat and kills it before laughing hysterically.

It's a difficult scene to watch - and many people couldn't forget it when encountering Keoghan in the wild.

Barry Keoghan played Wayne in Love/Hate.

Keoghan spoke about the infamous scene in 2016 - just a few years after it aired - saying: "I was away filming in England when all that came out, and I kept being sent pictures of papers with me on the front of me. I thought, 'What's going on here?'

"Then when I came back, I'd be walking towards people, and they'd start moving out of my way, and they're saying, 'Oh, that's that young fella'."

Adding: "I'm not like that in real life."

Well, that's good news.

The actor has admitted that he may never escape that controversial scene.

He also said that he'd 'never get away from that cat', explaining:

"I was in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey about two years ago.

"I think there was about 90,000 people there and someone pulled me and said 'You're the guy that shot the cat'.

"I just thought ', Ah, here, I'm halfway across the world, and someone said it'."

I guess some scenes stick out to people - so much so, in fact, that the cat appeared on the Late Late Show to show that she was alive and well.

However, since it appeared on ITV Player, recent viewers have had nothing but praise for the show, calling it the 'greatest Irish TV show'.

Featured Image Credit: RTE

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