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Britney Spears takes swipe at sister Jamie Lynn after joining I'm a Celeb 2023

Britney Spears takes swipe at sister Jamie Lynn after joining I'm a Celeb 2023

The singer appeared to take a dig at her younger sister ahead of her stint in the Australian jungle.

The Princess of Pop doesn't seem to be impressed that her sister is hoping to become the Queen of the Jungle.

Britney Spears appeared to take a swipe at her younger sibling Jamie Lynn ahead of her appearance on this year's I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Viewers are hoping to see some conversations around the campfire about the Spears sister's strained relationship.

The Grammy award winner hasn't been on the best of terms with Jamie Lynn since the end of her 13-year conservatorship.

In her memoir The Woman In Me, Britney accused her sister of 'capitalising' on her ordeal and putting out 'salacious, hurtful and outrageous' stories about her.

Jamie Lynn didn't mention the Toxic singer in the promo video for the show, but she's expected to spill the beans in the jungle.

This possibility isn't lost on Britney either - which is why fans believe a cryptic Instagram post she uploaded may have been a dig at the Zoey 101 actress.

Image Group LA/Disney Channel via Getty Images

She shared an image of an Ernest Hemingway quote, which read: "All things truly wicked start from innocence."

The star simply captioned it with a pink tulip emoji but fans read a lot further into the words she shared.

Supporters interpreted the post as a subliminal message from Britney about her sister's upcoming stint on our TV screens.

One wrote: "Your sister for example!! She’s about to go in the Jungle and us Brits are RUTHLESS.. we’ve got your back hun."

Another said: "I hope you enjoy Jamie Lynn suffering on I’m A Celeb. I’ll definitely be putting my votes on her to do EVERY bush tucker trail."

Jamie Lynn says she wants to go on I'm A Celeb to challenge the 'misconceptions' about her and show the 'real' her.


She said: "This is an opportunity to be myself and do something really cool and have some awesome experiences in the meantime.

"I think my best quality is the fact that it takes a lot to hurt my feelings. Unless you are my children or my immediate family, nothing is going to hurt me.

"I can take a lot of s*** and it doesn’t get me down, so I really think it's a good quality to have in a place where a lot of stuff is thrown at you!"

The mum-of-two said she 'talked it over' with her family to make sure they were okay with her jetting off to the jungle.

I wonder if Brit was invited to that family meeting?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/britneyspears/ITV

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