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Bryan Cranston emotional as he has unexpected reunion with Frankie Muniz

Bryan Cranston emotional as he has unexpected reunion with Frankie Muniz

The Malcolm in the Middle stars were overjoyed to see each other again

Malcolm in the Middle fans rejoiced as there was a wonderful reunion between Frankie Muniz and Bryan Cranston.

It's been years since the show ended, and the two have seen their careers go off in very different directions since starring as father and son in the sitcom.

Cranston, as you probably know, ended up getting cast as Walter White in Breaking Bad, and while the show has come to an end he's made a smattering of other appearances as the character.

He showed up briefly in Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, had a cameo in sequel movie El Camino and oddly enough his final turn as the chemistry teacher turned meth chef was for a Super Bowl commercial for crisps.

While he easily overcame some concerns that the dad from Malcolm in the Middle wasn't the right guy to lead a series about drugs and crime, the actor may be winding things down a bit after a glittering career.

Bryan Cranston was very happy to see Frankie Muniz.

He might be retiring a bit to spend more time with his wife Robin, announcing earlier this year that he was going to be putting things on 'pause' and not taking calls from agents.

As for Muniz, he ended up becoming a racing driver and is doing pretty well in NASCAR which he'll be returning to next year.

He's also been tackling some comments about his memory, checking in with the parents of Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle) and explaining why he didn't stick around in Hollywood when he had the world at his feet.

Muniz still speaks fondly of Cranston, once describing him as 'the greatest human being alive', and revealed that his co-star still reaches out every couple of weeks to keep in touch and check in on how he's doing.

Recently the pair had the chance to reunite in person, with Muniz posting a video to Instagram of him and Cranston hugging.

As the pair embraced, Aaron Paul was happiest of all.

In the video, Muniz approaches a table where Bryan Cranston is sitting, while his Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul shouts: "Yo, yo, oh my god!"

Muniz and Cranston lean across the table and share an emotional hug while Paul reacts as pretty much any Malcolm in the Middle fan would at seeing their favourites together again.

Plenty of fans took to the comments to share their joy at seeing the reunion, with one saying that Cranston 'has got to be the most caring person I have ever seen'.

Another thanked Muniz for sharing the video and said they'd become emotional after seeing the pair 'greeting each other like father and son'.

Plenty of others joked that this was just 'Malcolm sneaking Hal some drinks while Lois isn't looking'.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / @frankiemuniz4

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