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Margot Robbie was a massive Harry Potter fan before discovering her husband was actually in it

Margot Robbie was a massive Harry Potter fan before discovering her husband was actually in it

Margot Robbie has been married to film producer Tom Ackerley since 2016

When you share your life with someone, you tend to share everything about yourself – your deep secrets, your desires, your life story.

And you know, any big moments or milestones or career successes.

But despite Margot Robbie being a massive Harry Potter fan, it was a while before she discovered her husband was actually in the films.

Oh yeah, the Barbie star is an absolute Potterhead – she even ‘lied to the optometrist’ as a teen so she could have glasses like the boy wizard, despite her perfect vision.

The actor was chatting on The Graham Norton Show back in 2021 went she gushed over her beloved Wizarding World.

She went on to reveal that her husband, Tom Ackerley, didn’t share the fact he had actually appeared in some of the popular films until after they were already married.

Robbie met the film producer on the set of war drama Suite Francaise back in 2013, where he was working behind the camera as an assistant director.

The pair soon started dating and eventually tied the knot in 2016.

The pair married in 2016. ( Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)
The pair married in 2016. ( Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Ackerley and Robbie are founders of production company LuckyChap Entertainment, and have produced films like I, Tonya and Saltburn.

But, before they started dominating the film industry together, they were wrapped up in the world of Harry Potter - she being an obsessed super-fan, and he actually working on-set alongside the likes of Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton.

"My husband is in the Harry Potter movies," Robbie revealed on The Graham Norton Show.

"I know, I was like, 'Had you told me sooner we would've been married very quickly'."

Yep, he's a Hogwarts boy. (Warner Bros)
Yep, he's a Hogwarts boy. (Warner Bros)

She continued: "But he was an extra when he was a little kid - he was one of the Slytherin extras when Draco pushes some kids out of the way to see Buckbeak in the third book. He pushes my husband out of the way."

The star was incredibly proud of this fact. Ackerley didn't just make a cameo in The Prisoner of Azkaban; he also played a Hogwarts student in both The Philosopher's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets.

It's no wonder Robbie, who had previously described herself as the 'ultimate single gal', fell for him, it’s meant to be.

And who knows - maybe Robbie will get her chance to be part of the Potterverse in the upcoming HBO Max reboot series.

Featured Image Credit: Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images / Warner Bros

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