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‘Disturbing’ David Walliams sketch from 2007 has made people ‘feel ill’

Britt Jones

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‘Disturbing’ David Walliams sketch from 2007 has made people ‘feel ill’

Comedy is something that many people go with their families to enjoy, but sometimes the performer takes things a little too far and it gets super weird.

This is exactly the case of what’s happened to a former Little Britain leading man whose past videos have made another round on social media, showcasing some concerning and outdated comedy.

Viewers of the footage aren’t going easy on him either, as some have even called for an investigation to be launched with the authorities due to the explicit nature involving teens.

Although you won’t be watching any reruns of this on BBC iPlayer, you can take a peek on YouTube and see for yourself why it was so shocking.



British comedian and former Britian’s Got Talent judge, David Walliams has been called out for making people feel queasy after a 2007 BBC documentary clip resurfaced, showing him performing in a Little Britain show in Australia as his character 'Des Kaye'.

His character depicts a gay former children's entertainer, but it’s a little more sinister than that.

In the video, Walliams, as Des Kaye, decided to bring onstage three audience members to play a game of 'hide the sausage'.


Already sounding sketchy.

He then went on to ask their ages, which was 16, 17 and 18.

At the mention of a 16-year-old, ‘Des’ says "Bingo.”

Credit: Getty / Ming Yeung / Staff
Credit: Getty / Ming Yeung / Staff

"You're a big boy for 16 aren't you? That's what I'll tell the judge."

Throughout the video, ‘Des’ can be heard assuring each young boy that they're with 'uncle Des' before he plants a kiss on them, but that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Soon, a game of of 'hide the sausage' begins, where 'Des' goes straight for each boy's crotch area, pulling down trousers to expose their backsides or pushing his face into their groin.

Though the audience at the time found it hilarious, laughing along with each new shocking moment, the boys however, seemed to be greatly uncomfortable about what was happening to them.


There were also moments during the show that 'Des' pinned the boys down and humped them from behind.

Credit: Getty / David M. Benett / Contributor
Credit: Getty / David M. Benett / Contributor

Walliams has since gone on to explain that the sketch wasn’t supposed to go that way.

He said: "It didn't start off like that. It kind of grew as I became greedy for laughs."


He shared that it was important for him during the show to 'know the boundaries', explaining 'if I started exposing their penis or something, I don't know, it would just be horrible then. It would just be abuse.’

But obviously, as it was shared on Twitter, all sorts of reactions were bound to happen.

Some fans were horrified over the clip, calling for the children's writer to be investigated over his actions on stage.

One person wrote: "Saying this type of humour has aged badly is understating it quite a bit. Bloody hell."

Another added: "David Walliams in plain sight. Abusive for 'entertainment'. This needs investigation. He needs to be held to account."

A third simply said: "This is vile. Is he being investigated?"

LADbible has reached out to David Walliams for comments.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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Britt Jones
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