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Emily Blunt takes a dig at Matt Damon during Oppenheimer interview

Emily Blunt takes a dig at Matt Damon during Oppenheimer interview

Emily Blunt and Matt Damon were interviewed ahead of the release of Oppenheimer

Emily Blunt delivered a great put-down to her Oppenheimer co-star Matt Damon during an interview about the film.

The interview must have taken place before the SAG-AFTRA strike took pretty much all of the world’s actors – and many other film and TV professionals – out of action.

The pair were talking about Christopher Nolan’s big budget historical epic Oppenheimer, which stars Cillian Murphy as the scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who is regarded as the father of the atomic bomb.

As well as the Irishman, it also features turns from Florence Pugh, and Robert Downey Jr. amongst others.

However, the attention was on Damon and Blunt in this interview with The Hook.

During that chat, the questioning turned to whether there might be a third collaboration between Blunt and Murphy.

The pair had previously starred together in A Quiet Place Part II as well as Oppenheimer, and – you never know – they might work together again.

Matt Damon was taken aback by Blunt's comment.
Twitter/The Hook

The interviewer asked: “If we were to pitch the third instalment of the Blunt/Murphy trilogy, what would you want it to be?”

Blunt then chose to take a dig at her co-star, who was just sitting patiently next to her, by saying: “[It would be] a sort of tepid thing, quite tepid, sort of in the middle…

“Something with Matt Damon.”

Luckily, everyone saw the joke for what it was, and the pair both laughed it out.

They even shared a small hug as well, proving that they do have a good deal of affection for each other, despite that burn.

He got his own back a little bit straight away, though.

Blunt added: “You see, I love a Western…”

To which Damon responded: “Yeah, chuck a couple of Europeans in a Western, that makes sense.”

He’s got you there Emily, to be fair.

Oppenheimer has received many positive reviews from both critics and film fans since it was released on Friday (21 July).

It was released on the exact same day as Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and – to be honest – it’s hard to imagine two more different films.

Still, they’ll both be incredibly successful you’d have to imagine.

In another interview, both Blunt and Damon admitted that they struggled during filming because they kept getting lost in Murphy’s ‘ocean eyes’.

Everyone saw the funny side, though.
Twitter/The Hook

That’s a reference to a Billie Eilish song, in case you’re unaware.

During a group interview with People, Damon said: “It’s a real problem when you’re doing scene work with Cillian,

“Sometimes you find yourself just swimming in his eyes.”

On the Eilish song, Blunt added: “We just hum it all day,”

“They’re not even that blue!” said Murphy.

Regardless, if you want to see those eyes in glorious 70mm IMAX film, you can do so now, because Oppenheimer is out in cinemas now.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/TheHook

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